15 Dollar Pallet Coffee Table


Over the last few years I have been seeing Pallet furniture everywhere. This coffee table has been on my to do list for awhile now and I finally did it. With a truck, a gallon of paint and my very helpful boyfriend I finally knocked this bad boy off my to do list and this is how.

What you will need:

 3 Pallets, 2 if you would like your table to stand on four legs. You can purchase legs for your coffee table at any craft or home improvement store. Keep in mind the average height for a coffee table is 15-18 inches.

Sander. I recommend a hand sanding machine. Ask any man in your life and I am sure they will have one. Otherwise they typically run for about 30 dollars.

Paint brushes, 5 inch & 2 inch. I recommend purchasing a set of different sizes to help reach the more difficult areas.

1 Gallon of paint.

Find Pallets

I used three basic sized pallet’s for my coffee table which ended up being roughly 17 inches in height and slightly under 48 X 40 inches in length and width. This ends up being a much larger coffee table which depending on the size of the room you’re working with could be too large so keep in mind a size that will be most appealing to the eye and accommodates the space you’re in.

FREE PALLETS are a lot easier to find then you would think. Local businesses give these away for free and typically will have a specific area and sign saying “Free Pallet’s Here” to signal interested drivers. What I would suggest is asking your work place first or find a near by area with local businesses. Some ideas are Pet stores, grocery stores, new business openings, lumber yards, construction sites etc. Most businesses are TRYING to get rid of them and like they say, “one man’s trash is always another man’s treasure.” Also always remember the power the internet holds. Craigslist is an awesome tool for finding just about anything you need. Type in free pallet’s and you’re sure to find plenty of options.

You can purchase Pallets at any home improvement store. Fleet Farm, Menards & The Home Depot are all good places to find any of your lumber needs. Purchasing pallets can be great as much as it can be a pain. If your’re looking for a less time consuming route then buying pallets is an option however at that point you might as well just go drop a few hundred on a already hand made and painted pallet coffee table. The nice thing about pallets from a home improvement store is that they are already sanded down and smooth so they are ready to paint. You’re also given a variety of options, meaning size and quantity. The down side is the price. on average most pallet’s cost anywhere from $15.00 to $50.00 and that adds up when you multiply that price by three.

I found my pallets free at a local business near my work. If you live in the St Paul area, comment or message me for details.




This is where I have to admit that if it weren’t for my boyfriend and his sand machine I would have really debated buying pre sanded pallet’s from the store. Or at least purchased my own sand machine. Sanding by hand is a pain in the ass! I’m not even going to try and sugar coat my hate for sanding anything larger than the size of my hand so when it came to this coffee table I am forever grateful for you and your little Machine Jakob. LOVE YOU! Mwah.


When it comes to sanding go ahead and half ass everything you won’t be looking at or touching. The most important piece to sand WELL is your top. You want this to be as smooth and flat as possible as it will be holding your drinks, decor, cats. etc. As for the other two pallets really only sanding the side’s is necessary and lightly everywhere else so that the paint goes on even.


Originally I painted my piece a Kona Brown I picked up from Fleet Farm. Since moving into my new home I have redone the coffee table and painted it a flat grey with grey primer. I used 1 gallon of this. Previously when I painted it the brown I did three layers. However this time I only painted it once letting some of the brown shine through for a rustic look. It gave my table a antique finish without the antiquing.



When painting is complete stack your pallet’s on top of one another. The weight of the pallet’s alone are heavy enough to keep one another from sliding around. Other popular options are the four leg pieces and or a glass piece to cover the top of your table however I personally love the simplicity of what I ended up with without.

Lastly, dress your finished product up with decor. I use the cubbies to store magazines, books, the laptop and TV remote controls. To add a little romance and comfort to the room I displayed some candles in a few cut wine bottles I spray painted gold, flowers & a throw blanket on two trays.

Thank  you so much for reading.

XO Cass

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