Tea & Wine


Because what’s classier then drinking wine? Um… Drinking wine out of tea up wine glasses that’s what!

What you need

Tea Cups- Find at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales ect. Mine were 99 cents a piece.

Medium Skinny Candle Holders- Dollar Store.

Spray Paint

Clear Adhesive glue- Make sure it works on glass

What you do


First spray paint your candle holders. Let dry completely before connecting your tea cup. The wet paint will work against the glue if you move too fast.


Next out line the tops of your candle holders with some adhesive clear glue, line your tea cup up and press firmly down (k not hulk style, let’s not break your master piece but firm) lightly let go and let sit for fifteen minutes.


Once you’ve allowed the first half your glue to dry, glue the outside where the teacup meets the steam (candle holder) and lightly trace the glue around so that it locks the two pieces from the outside as well. Let sit over night and walla! You got yourself some fancy pantsy wine glasses that even your grandma would approve of.


Before I leave without answering the burning question that will be on every readers mind… the answer is yes. I can wash these glasses, delicately and by hand of course but it is possible. I used two techniques which both worked out better then expected. The first , was the adhesive. It actually scared me at first because it takes longer to dry which is why I ended up trying technique number two using my trusty hot glue gun. Both techniques worked just fine.

Thank you for reading.

XO Cass

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