#OurDashingPrince Shower


On January 24th I was given the royal treatment LITERALLY. The most beautiful baby shower took place for me and my son and it was all because of the soon to be grandmothers.

Shortly after Jake and I decided Dash Alexander would be the name of our baby boy I started pondering nursery and baby shower themes. I wanted something different and something masculine but chic at the same time. I also wanted to incorporate his name into as much as possible. I was dead set on a prince theme even before I knew we were having a boy so when the name was set and stone I decided on Our Dashing Prince.

Although I am aware the baby shower is not meant to be up to the soon to be mother I couldn’t help myself. I jumped right in on the action the minute my mom offered to do it for me. Looking back now I wish I would have backed off sooner because these mothers definitely didn’t need my help. Their creativity blew me and my guests away. They took my theme and suggestions and made it so much more.












Everything was so perfect. I had never seen a baby shower with so many little details. You could tell from the moment you arrived to the moment you left that a lot of hard work and energy went into it. I had people texting me days later to tell me how impressed they were. The best part was everything was literally hand made right down to the candles on the tables.

The shower wasn’t your typical one. Rather than being given multiple showers I asked for only one. One BIG one. Looking back I may have done things differently. Reason being is it was stressful on the mothers. Between refilling snacks/mingling/organizing and all while trying to keep 50+ people entertained it was hard for them to relax and enjoy the day. It is their first grand baby, this should have been just as much for them as it was for me. They did great non the less though. I also wish I had more time to really sit down and give more attention to people. After all they had driven all the way out to celebrate me and my baby they deserved more than a quick “hello” and rushed conversation.

Even after those two things I am still glad we did it the way we did. One reason being was that everyone knew at least one person. My family dominated one area, Jakes and my friends another. Everyone had someone to talk to. This was great because I didn’t have many games. It was primarily a cocktail and appetizer hour.. and a half. This way I was able to bounce from room to room while waiting on Jake to arrive to help me open gifts. It was easier for me to mingle the way I wanted to without all the crazy baby games.

Although there weren’t really any games there were activities and prizes. The mom’s put together activity sheets that guests could work on in their own time and own space. One included the famous “whats in your purse worksheet” where listed are different things you may find in someones purse. You get a certain amount of points for each item and at the end you write your total. Whoever has the highest total wins a prize.

We also did a drawing. Everyone wrote their name and birthday on a card and whoever’s day of birth fell closest to Dash’s due date won a prize.


Once Jake arrived it was time to open gifts. I wanted him to be involved because they were just as much for him as they were for Dash and myself. It was also nice having him there because he helped my best friend Lauren keep track of writing down what was from who.


The only game that was played was everyones favorite. BINGO. This was something I wanted to do to help keep things lively during gift opening. I knew with one big shower it would take longer to open gifts. I didn’t want to bore everyone to death so each guest was given a card and one by one they would check off something I received on their list. This is where most of the prizes went. There were about 20 winners. Once the last prize was gone the game was over. Although a little hectic I think everyone really enjoyed this part.


As thank you gifts the moms put together bags of lavender bath salts for the guests. On the back were all the benefits of using them.


One of my favorite safe keeps from the shower was this journal filled with well wishes and advice from all of my favorite women. I am so appreciative of all of the thoughtful things that were written. Like I mentioned it was hard to really have conversations with every person that came so this was a great way for me to feel connected to everyone after the party where I could really take in what people wanted to say to Dash and myself.



Story book themed photo props were a fun way to help capture memories of the day. They were hand made and almost free. The sticks were purchased from Michaels and the photos were google images printed right onto card stock.


My shower was everything I wanted and more. The thoughtfulness behind everyones gifts and cards were beyond touching. And the effort that the mothers put into my party was beyond more than I deserved. I am forever grateful for this day.

Thanks for reading.

XO Cass

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