My Maternity Style (fall & winter edition)

Maternity wasn’t always fashionable. In fact women were not very keen, let alone encouraged to show off their miracle bump at all. Well times have changed and even though maternity fashion has been embraced there are still plenty of challenges us as women must face in order to feel pretty while with child.

Pregnancy is already hard why should clothes make it harder? Why should it break the bank? Why isn’t there anything cute? …… What I have learned over the course of these last 8 months is that it doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or unfashionable at all.

 I put together a list of essentials that really helped me feel my best throughout the course of my pregnancy. Now I am no fashionista  but it didn’t take me getting pregnant to embrace the motto that you need to look good to feel good. My first concern was cost. If you’re reading this you more than likely have already taken a trip through the maternity section at Target or Macy’s and thought to yourself why in the giant F word is nothing ever on sale…. What I have come to terms with is that maternity clothing is not cheap… but maternity style can be.

“Wait what how? How bad is this girls pregnancy brain”….. No really though, I found that I actually already owned a lot of potential maternity items. Maternity clothes are about what fits, maternity fashion is about what can be added to make it fashionable.

The first thing I did when I started poking was rearrange my closet. So before you head into your departments stores maternity section and faint I suggest organizing your own closet first. Anything that is an obvious no go should go in the back. One hundred percent cotton, lengthy items, big sweaters can be worn for awhile if not the entire time. Flowy tops are potential maternity tops as well. Anything stretchy or that opens up such as  jackets/kimonos etc all of these should go in front. Leggings will soon be your best friend but no need to have withdrawals over your favorite pair of jeans just yet, there are plenty of ways to make them babies last till it’s almost time to pop.

Once you organize everything you should be pleased to see that you really shouldn’t have to part with as much as you thought you would. That is of course unless your wardrobe only consists of body con dresses and high heals.

Basic colors short & long sleeve maternity tops. It’s always nice to own a few maternity tops. Lengthy tank tops are amazing and don’t always have to be maternity. Long forever21 tops in one size up are usually fine. A few colors of long sleeve maternity tops are nice to have around too. My favorite is from Old Navy. These are just basic essentials which you will be surprised to see you can usually still wear post baby as well. They are not very expensive and because they are basics you can dress them up with accessories you may already own such as scarves, shoes and jewelry. Heck wear them twice in the same week (don’t forget your deodorant) wink.

Maternity Leggings. Leggings we all know are great for fluctuating weight, however once you hit 25 weeks you will need maternity leggings as well. My favorite is Mother Maternity ones that I purchased in grey, plum and black.  I recommend the nylon spandex tops. Nylon stretches better, hugs better so it doesn’t show through tight tops and over all is just comfier. Cotton tops only last you so long till they no longer stretch anymore and you are forced to wear them below the belly.


Belly Band. The belly band was hands down life for me. A girlfriend from work  brought me hers from her previous pregnancy. This you can pick up at, Target, Walmart or just about anywhere that sells maternity clothing. You can also find them online. The belly band is an elastic band that wraps around your waist to help hold the jeans you can no longer button up in place. I also hear it’s great for post baby weight and helping you fit back into your old wardrobe.


Maternity Dress. Honestly I think every woman needs at least one fierce maternity dress. There is always some last minute event where you need one. The maternity body cons are comfy and they really know how to make your new body look good.


Open front tops. Button downs, Kimonos, Sweaters, blazers, blanket scarves the list goes on and on. You may already even have a good number of these items. I love this look because it highlights the main feature but hides the excess baby lumpage you may be carrying.

Ponchos & Cozy Sweaters. Ponchos are so in and they are baggy enough that you can wear them throughout your entire pregnancy. I own a few light cotton ones right now that I live in. I plan to retire them as swimsuit cover ups this summer.

Active wear. All of my work out wear stretched with me. I don’t know if I necessarily recommend stretching out all of your gym tops but just know you can. I do recommend in stopping into your nearest Marshals and investing in a few of these. They are so comfortable and great for quick runs to the store or lounging around the house in.


Stylish flats. Invest in a pair of super cute Nike’s fit for your ultimate MOM GOALS. In fact invest in a few pairs if you can. I wore heals a few times in my pregnancy but I regretted that decision every time. If you are dressing up I recommend a cute pair of pointy flats in nude, black or brown. They are just as fancy but more realistic. If you can I would also invest in inserts for your flats and buy them in one size too big. Your belly isn’t the only thing that grows. A pair of boots with the elastic backs are a life savor if you end up retaining a lot of water like me.

Bedtime. I am a big pj & bathrobe girl. Nothing is better then getting out of a bubble bath, lathering up in lotion and putting on silk. During my pregnancy I didn’t just want to feel pretty outside of the house but in the house in my intimates especially. button down pj’s in a few sizes up are a go to and I recommend one maternity night gown. I did not photograph the nighty but it’s ideal for belly growth and breast feeding once my little guy makes his debut. Check  Macy’s. My maternity robe was a gift purchased from etsy buy yours HERE OR one like it here Comfy Mommy

Pregnancy is beautiful and so are you. Spoil yourself. I hope this entry inspires you to take charge of your maternity style and gave some usable tips. Thank you so much reading.

XO Cass

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