My Top Pregnancy Must Haves

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Were almost there! WERE ALMOST THERE! I am pleased to say that in a few short weeks I will be introducing the world to my baby boy and I am absolutely ecstatic. These last 8 months have been a whirlwind of emotions, challenges and pleasant surprises.Today I wanted to share a few of my pregnancy favorites.

Crisco Coconut Oil. One bottle almost lasted my entire pregnancy and it’s no more than $5.00 at the grocery store. Seriously best thing ever. Pure coconut oil and fragrance free. I was worried I would go to bed smelling like fried chicken every night but that wasn’t the case at all. I have to thank my mom for this trick. Works just as good as a higher end balm and more than half the price. GET IT… just get it!!!


Bliss Body Butter. Out of all of the lotions out there, Bliss is hands down my favorite.

Burt’s Bees Mango Lip Balm. Something about pregnancy makes you constantly dehydrated and that includes your lips. My mouth has been constantly dry too so a balm with a flavor has helped a lot. My go to is Burt’s Bees Mango and Coconut & Pear.

Essential Oils.  I hear a good lavender scent is good for delivery. I purchased a few scents from my clinic, brand name Wyndmere. Your sense of smell heightens once pregnant so you’re sensitive to just about everything around you and it’s nauseating. (fun fact about me)- Doritos put me into a coma of hell. Do not I REPEAT do not open up a bag around me.

A Go To LIGHT Perfume. Mine Is Clinique Happy. This has been a favorite of mine for a few years but my go to now that my senses have intensified. I recommend something light and fruity. None of that heavy stuff.


Sally’s Self Tanning Spray. “Lawd have mercy” this girl has been feeling pasty as all pasty gets. I wasn’t ever a huge tanner but I would use a bed monthly at my gym which gave me a consistent glow and it is safe to say that glow is now no where to be found.  For those date nights & nights out with the girls I love to use the Sally’s self tanner with a spray tan buffer. It’s not anything fancy but it works perfect for me. I don’t recommend using this without a buffer you can purchase a cheap one from Sally’s Beauty Supply for an even application.


Shea Butter Exfoliating Salt Scrub.  The hardest part for me has been the itching of the skin. I want to itch all day long baby boy is just growing oh so fast my poor skin can barely keep up with him. Some tips they say are to tap your skin lightly to reduce irritation but that just irritates me more. Scratching only causes more stretch marks so nothing is better then a hot bath and this stuff after going all day avoiding relieving the irritation. The Salt gently grazes the skin while nourishing and hydrating it at the same time. Instant RELIEF. And I can go all night without irritation because of it. I use the Toiletry Company brand.

An UHMAZING Foundation. Were all different with our personal preferences I have always personally loved using Clinique’s Even Better foundation. (You will quickly learn I am a Clinique fan.) It goes on clean and covers what needs to be covered and it’s light weight. But lately I have been looking for a good drug store foundation that can do all of the above. What I found and LOVE is Maybellines Dream Velvet foundation. It has a matte finish and really covers all of pregnancies not so glowing moments.

A Good Concealer.  Might be the lack of sleep I have been getting with 6 pee breaks & 1 violent case of heart burn every night but the bags I am talking about are not designer. I have sadly always battled with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes but pregnancy has really taken an extra toll on them. My favorite concealer is the new “what everyone’s talking about” Bye Bye Under Eye by IT. It really does absolute wonders. My favorite drug store brand is NIX

Skin Care. Once again you can never go wrong with Clinique. I go back and fourth between their line and Lancomes Creme Mouse face wash. Skin care is so important during pregnancy. Our skin takes a hell of a beating so a brand you can trust is a MUST.

Oil Absorbing Sheets.  Some call it the pregnancy glow, I call it oily skin. It’s true that for a lot of women myself included your skin changes drastically once expecting. Sometimes you dry out sometimes your face turns into a lake. Oil Absorbing sheets are always in my purse and take care of that right away. I personally like clean and clears brand.

Girlfriends Guide To Pregnancy. It’s standard that every woman is given at least one good informative book at the beginning of her pregnancy. What To Expect and others are good however I find it easier to catch up on my weekly updates via online apps. So instead my book of choice was a gift given to me by Jake’s mom called Girlfriends Guide To Pregnancy. It’s a hilarious twist and break down of literally everything coming your way. It’s like pregnancy 101 gossip with one of your girlfriends. Totally informative and totally interesting. Great for a bath time read.

Spearmint Life Savors. I can no longer have a meal without cotton mouth and nausea after. I literally will sit there with gut rot for a few hours unless I  have at least 5 of these. Spearmint and wintergreen are both helpful for this and morning sickness if you are experiencing that as well.

DHA pills. When your doctor prescribes you a prenatal pill make sure you ask for one that includes DHA. My pill did not include it so I made sure to load up on separate vitamins. DHA helps build your baby’s brain, nervous system, and eyes. Adults need to get DHA from food, and a baby in utero needs to get these fats from its mother. Newborns get DHA from breast milk or from baby formula supplemented with DHA. I highly recommend reading more on this and learning all about it’s benefits.

TUMS. They say if you suffer heartburn during your pregnancy your baby will have a lot of hair. Well I must be giving birth to Chubaka because the burn is so real. Just trust me and have them on hand.

Back Pillow. If you work an office job and are sitting 90 percent of the day I highly recommend a cheap, cute, fluffy couch pillow or back pillow. Your lower back takes a major beating and nothing is worse then shooting pain at 1 pm with 4 more hours of work to go.

Trendy Water Bottle. Get used to being dehydrated 24/7. Water is is so important throughout the course of pregnancy. They Say our babes are made up of 78% percent of water in the womb so we want to make sure we are fueling our little peanuts needs. Think of this water bottle as a stylish accessory.

Pregnancy Pillow. You will hear it from every single mother you meet. These pillows are a Godsend. For some reason the feeling of your knees touching is an absolute nightmare and although you can always use a regular pillow or blanket to separate the two from each other it’s harder to flip and change sides that way. The pregnancy pillow molds to your body and moves with you. Invest and thank yourself later.

Belly Band. I’ve mentioned the belly band and all of it’s glory on the last entry. My Maternity Style I love this accessory for so many reasons. It truly helped me embrace my growing body.The belly band is an elastic band that wraps around your waist to help hold the jeans you can no longer button up in place. I also hear it’s great for post baby weight and helping you fit back into your old wardrobe.

Maternity bra. A good maternity bra or a few is necessary. Your belly isn’t the only thing growing so you want a bra that will grow with you.

Supportive Shoes. Some cute flats with inserts and or Nikes are necessary. I LOVE a good pair of Nike’s and own about 6 pairs. Now that I am coming up to the finish line on this pregnancy I live in them.

Maternity Bath Robe. It’s already difficult getting dressed for work and going out so I don’t like to put much thought behind what I am lounging around the house in. I live in my bathrobes so when my mom bought me a gorgeous long satin robe I was ecstatic. I also have a short cotton one I love that will be accompanying me at the hospital.

12715541_10156565116635297_1317781562590494398_n These are a few of my favorite things. I hope that this entry shines some light on a few products you might be interested in for yourself or for someone close to you who may be expecting. Pregnancy isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to terribly hard. Thank you so much for reading.

XO Cass

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