A Nursery Fit For A Prince


Adding the finishing touches to our sons nursery has been one of the most fulfilling moments in my life THUS FAR. Not a lot of people know this but prior to finding out we were expecting; Jake and I were looking at one bedroom apartments closer to the inner city. We had a pretty good idea where our lives were going to take us. 1 More year renting, living it up like the new, young couple we were then buy a home then talk about a wedding THEN babies. Isn’t that what we all plan? One month shy of my lease being up and two months into apartment hunting and fate decided to give us two pink lines.  And in that moment, our plans no longer mattered; life had changed.

Choosing our next home was no longer fun, it was intimidating, it was stressful, it was also heartbreaking at the same time. We were no longer looking for a cute pad in a fun location for the two of us to grow as a couple, we were looking for quality living in a suburban neighborhood with safety written all over it, in a price we could afford, in a home we could now grow in as a family. Well I tend to set my expectations higher than I should. And it tends to bite me in the ass a lot. So you can imagine the let down I felt after several really bad apartment and town home showings. It’s safe to say I was starting to give up on my dream nursery. “Maybe for our second child” I thought…

But don’t worry this story doesn’t end depressingly. In fact we found a place that was a much better fit than I had initially imagined we would find. The home was beautiful but the office/ second bedroom had me sold. I looked at Jakob and said ” THIS is my nursery.” We had looked at many places and I had seen many potential baby rooms but they all just made me numb. The living room could have had orange 70s carpet and I would have still said “this is my nursery!”


So we made our move & I began planning out every detail of our nursery before we even knew the gender. The walls were already painted grey and the trim was white which were the two main colors I had originally had in mind.  The hardest part already complete.

We went with grey tones for our furniture and balanced them out with pops of baby blue. The first item we got was our crib which was purchased on Wayfair Click Here. A great site with good quality for affordable prices.The room is built like a squared office; with double doors leading to the living room on one side, a closet & door leading to the bedroom corridors on another, and across from that, a built in book shelf and a window, leaving me with only one blank wall to work with. This made it really hard to position our crib since I knew I wanted a dresser/changing table & glider as well. So the middle of the room was my only option.




Our dresser was found on Craigslist. I debated awhile about painting it a solid white but the egg shell color grew on me. I love that the handle plates almost appear to be little crowns.



Originally I had picked up an old gliding rocking chair I found at the Goodwill. It only needed a tiny bit of work. It wasn’t till recently that I decided that I wanted to invest in something much comfier. I plan to breast feed as long as my body lets me; the goal is one year. After reading about how much work that is I decided I needed more than just a wooden rocking chair so I invested in a glider from Target. I purchased the Delta that was recently on display in the baby section and I absolutely love it.


The bookshelf is one of my favorite perks of this room. It’s built in and has cabinets for more storage underneath. More space for diapers hurray!!



Our theme is Dashing Prince to play in with his name, Dash Alexander. In my head I was imagining pale tones & soft, subtle but obvious hints of royalty. I didn’t want the room to be overwhelming when you walked in but I didn’t want it to take long to catch on to what theme I was going with.




We organized his closest by month and separated the onesies from the outfits and sleepers. I purchased cute tags from the Target dollar section and just wrote the months on those.




Everything is complete. I am sure I will make a few changes and add a few more details here and there in the next three weeks but overall I am super proud of what we have accomplished in our baby boys room. Not everything always goes according to plan but I am finding that the most beautiful parts of life happen because of it. I am truly blessed for this opportunity to build the nursery of my dreams with the man of my dreams.

Thank you so much for reading.

XO Cass

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