Mothers Day Gift Crate

Mothers Day weekend is almost here so I wanted to share with you all a favorite DIY gift of mine I love giving. It’s sentimental, personal & makes for a beautiful conversation piece that tells YOUR mommas story.


Bare wood crate– Local Craft Store (Michaels, Joanns) $10-$12

16 Oz can of paint or stain – Local hardware store ( Lowes Home Depot) $7-$10

Mod Podge – Local Craft Store (Michaels, Joanns) $3-$5

2″ Wooden letter– Local Craft Store (Michaels, Joanns) $2-$5

Hot Glue OR E6000 Glue– Local Craft Store (Michaels, Joanns) $6-$15

Paint Brush


4 Dozen Printed Family Photos



If you are staining your crate, it isn’t necessary but it wouldn’t hurt to lightly sand the crate with a piece of sand paper just to give the grain a rougher edge for the stain to stick to. If you are painting I used 2 coats.

18403650_10158665415650297_2526389564543922317_n (2)

I used regular Microsoft power point to organize my photos. I found that by creating 3 rows of photos evenely, my pictures came out just the right size to fit each area of the crate. I printed roughly 4 dozen pictures in color on regualr printer paper & had them pre cut and ready to go before starting the process.


Once the crates were dry I applied a light layer of mod podge to one section of the crate and then started sticking the pictures to it. Once I had a small section of photos, I went over them with another light layer of mod podge. ( Don’t worry it dries clear)

Once my photos were dry and in place I attached my wooden H using hot glue. Looking back I would have used E6000 for a more secure stick. When using E6000, remember it takes 8 hours to dry. Lay your crate flat down face up & layer a good amount of glue to the back of the letter. Place the letter directly down onto the center of your crate. Apply pressure to your letter with books or anything heavy you have around & leave over night.


Both mothers absolutely loved their crates & two years later are still using them.

I hope you have a fabulous mothers day.

XO Cass

One thought on “Mothers Day Gift Crate

  1. What a thoughtful gift! It’s so personal! Well done. I am sure you will come up with something just as sweet this year. You are lucky to be close to both moms. And they are lucky to have a kind daughter. Have a beautiful day! Koko:)

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