Safe Tanning Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun

Prior to pregnancy I was an active tanning bed goer. I started in High School and consistently tanned till I was 24 weekly. It wasn’t something I did daily which in my head made it ok. I of course discontinued my ways once finding out I was expecting and for the first time in 7 years my natural color was revealed. Now since my son was born I found a new profound respect for my skin and need to protect it from the suns harsh effects. Blame it on the milk pumping Greys Anatomy binges for getting me all concerned.


my hair is another concern for another post.

Anyways; these days I have turned to spray tans and fake tanner to keep me looking like a bronze mommess.

Mommess; Noun; A female being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by her child and babies father. This woman often has spit up on her shirt and un brushed hair.

For many years I have been using the Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs which is more of a makeup product for your body that gives you an air brush look. I love this product for nights out when I need a little bronze boost but unfortunately the product does not last past the first shower; so when I was looking for a drug store tanning lotion I knew that I wanted to see instant results but have a longer lasting effect and when I saw the Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun I knew it was worth a shot.



The only con I could find about this product was the time it takes to apply. I found that for the best results you want to spend a minimum of 20 minutes applying the lotion. This for any mother can be a problem but if you have any extra time after a shower its well worth the results.


It WORKS. And it really does last. It says 7 days and I would certainly say it lives up to its word. It’s definitely a great product for trips. .

Not only does it work but it works INSTANTLY. I personally saw the results myself  but the real judge was my mother who saw results the next day at my dinner table when she asked if I had been visiting my dear old friend; the tanning bed…. NOPE

It’s easy to blend. I mean if you spend 5 minutes on each body part. But it goes on dark and leaves smudges when it needs more rubbing. Because of it’s color your mistakes are visible. Which in the end helps you achieve your goal of a natural tan/ streak free.



It smells great. I love spray tans but God they smell.

If you give yourself time to dry properly it really doesn’t stain your sheets or clothing.

You’re getting spray tan results for a drug store price. It’s slightly more spendy than other products on the shelf but the longevity of the product alone is worth the price.

Overall review

I’m a mother therefor my time is precious but I also have a fantastic partner in life and parenthood who allows me to have lengthy bubble baths and poop breaks. (TMI? sorry) but if you’re as lucky as I am then I really do recommend this product because really the results are fantastic.



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