Our favorite activities (2 months)

Let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot you can do with a 2 month old. Their eye sight is still improving and they haven’t even started sitting up on their own but this time in their life is just as crucial as anytime which is why I’ve been trying to do as many activities as physically possible besides my favorite lazy bed snuggles.

Mirror fun is a mom favorite. Mirror fun has made private bathroom breaks possible. The first time my son caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror I saw his first wide eyed smile. I have actually been able to get my makeup done in one sitting at my vanity because of mirror fun. Just remember that you want your baby to be close to the mirror as their eye site they say reaches no more than 18 inches away from them during this time. If you’re using a large mirror the way I am here in the photo for safety purposes I would keep in reaching distance and make sure your mirror is positioned tilted away from your child.


Normally he’s not passed out during this game but someone had too much milk

Balloon Kicks Was a Pinterest find thanks to Dash’s nana. She’s been doing this activity on her days with him and I had to try it out myself. I picked up two balloons from the dollar store and tied them to Dashy boys ankles. I found that he loved me interacting by laying on the ground next to him.

Bath time is just as much an activity as it is necessary. My son LOVES bath time. By love I mean it’s his FAVORITE. He loves when I take a rag and squeeze it all over him and sing about dancing in the rain. Colorful bath toys are also fun. For bonding, I will hop in with him. He loves this because rather than being supported by his bath seat he is supported by my hands allowing him to float.

Laundry PeakABoo I found is a fun way of getting it done with an infant. I lay Dash on the bed and dump the freshly dried clothes all around him. He loves the warmth. (make sure not too hot) I grab each item and run it across his face while saying “PEAK A BOO” and then fold it directly in front of him. Seeing the different colors and feeling the different textures really intrigues him.


Jungle Gym is another Dash favorite. His grandpa bought him one with all the bells and whistles and he LOVES it. If this is something you don’t have at home that’s totally ok. I have heard that party streamers do just as good of a job. Dangling different colors in front of their face, close enough for them to grip at helps with their motor skills and eye sight.

Sensory bin is a fun way of getting your child use to all the different textures that are out there. Everything is still so new and exciting. I got this from Pinterest and Dash really loved it. He loves when me and his daddy are involved in his activities and this is one that requires us to participate. I just found items of all sorts with different textures and rubbed these against his skin, let him feel and grab at the items and if they made noises I let him listen. Every item got his attention one way or another. It was a really fun game. Original idea from Jellyfishsticks

Mommy & Me Workouts are the only way I can workout these days. Some days it’s even the only way I can get my son to calm down or to sleep. The baby wrap Boba Wrap is what I personally have. It’s legit the one baby item I would chose if I could only have one. I have a really bad back but the wrap is light enough for it to not effect me nearly as bad as I would think it would. I throw Dash in, get on the eliptical and within 10 minutes he’s out like a light. We do squats, leg lifts, stairs sometimes even just dance in place. Out of the wrap I will lay on my back , pull my knees up to my chest and lay him on the tops of my calves. He balances and I hold his arms while I kick my legs SLOWLY in and out and move them up and down. Killer on the abs and thighs and he just sits there stares curiously.


Picnics in the shade are super in the spring fall and summer seasons. My little man was born in March and this years Minnesota spring has been rather kind to us. I’ve taken him out for two picnics and he was really interested in the scenery and all the different noises the outdoors brought. I have either found a shady spot or kept him under an umbrella. Our newborns skin is very sensitive so even with his Babyganics sunscreen I make sure to have a hat on him or kept under shade at all times.

Music Time On Spotify and Pandora there are lots of children’s playlists. I play the music loud enough and sing along while acting. He loves the different hand movements and faces I make.

Flashlight Show is a fun game at night while our little guy is laying in bed with us. We actually have a little projector that plays children’s images on the ceiling and plays music that Dash loves but another way to accomplish this is taking a flash light and aiming it at the ceiling while making light saver noises.

I’m enjoying this time with my cub. I can’t wait for all the activities that are soon to come but for now am soaking in these little (simple) moments with him.

XO Cass

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