Newborn favorites




Jujube BFF Diaper Bag. This bag is perfect for the newborn era. It’s small and light enough to lug around along with an almost 30 pound car seat that you’re still not used to carrying and it’s easy to wear as it can be either a back pack or messenger bag.


I got mine at Nordstrom

Daddy diaper bag. A diaper bag for your guy may not be on your baby shower register list however you may want to think about adding one. The first time we used his was for our sons photos with the Easter bunny at the mall. Instead of lugging the stroller with I wanted to carry him in a wrap and although my bags backpack style would have made that pretty easy I didn’t want to feel overweighed only two weeks postpartum so Jake brought his and man was it handy. His bag being much larger than mine is great for longer day time activities. We plan on using it a lot this summer.


I got mine at DadGear

Animal Mat. Sleeping is sleeping as long as your lo is safe in my opinion. We personally choose to sleep coed but do support crib sleeping as well. One of my fears of sleeping with our son was his safety. He wouldn’t sleep in his bassinet, wouldn’t sleep in his swing, wouldn’t sleep anywhere but in bed with us or in my arms and as a new mom I had heard my fair share of horror stories. When I started using our buddy pillow I had gotten the idea to use this as a barrier while Dash sleep in between us and for the first time since bringing him home we got a full nights rest. It keeps our son from rolling over/ scooting down under our bodies/ suffocating from our pillows etc (all the fears you may have from coed sleeping) Dash has been safe and Jake and I sleep better than ever.


Get yours at Bed Bath And Beyond

Best Friend Pillow.  This pillow gives a pretty cool spin on the everyday boppy pillow. When I was breast feeding in the beginning this pillow saved my life. I have two boppy pillows and neither assisted me better that the breast friend. The wrap-around design of this baby feeding pillow includes a comfortable back rest to prevent back and neck pain. An armrest eases your shoulder stress while using this breastfeeding pillow. A natural ledge on the pillow keeps the baby from rolling, ensuring perfect positioning of the baby’s body and there’s a pocket located on the outside for easy access to your cell phone/remote etc.


I get mine at Target

Newborn Auto Rock & Play.   Really anything that you can throw in your bathroom so that you can simply just take a 5 minute shower… I love mine because my son loves it that is as long as I am in eye distance. They sell other versions but they all do basically the same thing. A basic rocker or bouncer I think would do the trick.


Get yours at Babiesrus

Medela breast pump bra. I’m an exclusive pumper and proud. Coming up on 3 months. I breast feed on the rare occasion that my son will actually take the boob but for the most part I pump and bottle feed. Pumping is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Working out and eating healthy has nothing on exclusive pumping which needs to be done every 2 hours for 15- 45 minutes. At first I was holding my pieces in hand but as a gift to myself I purchased the pump bra and it’s been a game changer. I can now pump hands free and for as much as I am pumping it’s necessary to be able to do so. My insurance got me the Medela pump but I believe they have bras for all pumps. I would do research if you have a different brand.


I got mine at Target


Dr Brown Natural Flow Bottles. Our son get’s hiccups like crazy. And after almost a month of getting rid of them with more milk or excessive bouncing we finally tried the Dr Brown bottles which has a positive-pressure feeding system that directs the air to the back of the bottle through the nipple collar to prevent collapse while drinking. Since switching over we have cut his hiccups in half.


I got mine at  Target

Boba Wrap. YASSSSSSSSSS you guys… moms… get this if you have not yet. The Boba does the trick for me but I also hear good things about the Moby as well. If I had to pick one baby item I would always pick my wrap. It was actually one of those items that I picked up last minute and I am grateful I did because I don’t know how I would have gotten anything accomplished on my maternity leave without it. My son wants to be close all the time and I personally like him to be as well. The wrap has made working out possible, cleaning possible, shopping possible. I have the Ergo but have not been able to test it out yet as my son is still too small. but the wrap is light weight and fits him and myself perfectly.


I got mine at Target

Bamboo Swaddle Blankets. It’s almost odd that I am adding this one to my list because our child hates being swaddled but I absolutely love these blankets for more reasons than it’s firm and flexible wrap. The material is heavenly and super soft to the touch. The light weight fabric is perfect for the spring and summer and it’s nice for throwing over my son to keep him shaded and protected. I’ve also used this blanked for privacy while pumping and breast feeding.

I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond

Angelcare Baby Bath & Support. All those crazy bath spas you see are so unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong they look cool and I totally had one on my registry but I’m grateful my family friends saw past it’s shiny bells and whistles because what a waste. If you have a bath tub like me then all you need is a supporting chair like this one. My son loves the bath and this chair work well for us both.


I got mine at Target

With time you will find what you and your baby like best but my best advice would be to do as much research as possible before hand and talk to other mommies & daddies. We all have different tastes and different styles in parenting but we all have the same job.

Thank you for reading.

XO Cass

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