Paper Floral Arrangement

Make a bold statement this summer at your next get together with this gorgeous paper flower arrangement. This DIY looks scarier than it really is. It’s glue free and the only 3 Items you will need are



gift tissue paper.

All items are sold lowest price at a Dollar Store near you. This should cost you next to nothing but for a few extra bucks you can skip a lengthy step by purchasing a paper flower kit created by Martha Stewart at a craft store like Joan Fabrics. The kit comes with all of your pieces and the paper is precut so you will have your flowers created in no time.

Continue reading for a step by step look at how to create a flower from scratch.


Fold 6 stacked pieces of tissue paper vertically. Cut your design along the one side of the tissue opposite of the fold, this way when you unfold the tissue and lay flat the two sides will have an identical even design and shape as seen above.


On two separate pieces of stacked tissue fold one time vertically. On the opposite side of the fold cut about 2 inches off and throw the excess paper. Take your now thinner folded stacked tissues and cut the opposite side of the fold creating a tassel effect 1/2 an inch apart from each other. Leave the top and bottom as is; same as you did with your previous cut. Unfold and lay flat, centered on top of the last stack. It should look similar to what you see above.


Repeat step 2 only this time cut 4 inches off. Again, throw the excess. This should end up creating a layered effect once stacked on top of the second cut.


While holding your layers in place fold accordion style creating a paper fan. Don’t stress over it’s evenness it wont mater in the end. For a better look at how to create this effect there is an awesome tutorial on YouTube. Just click the link for more on that.


Secure your fan with a 8-10 inch length wire by wrapping it over and under the center of the fan.


Twist to secure the fan. You can either cut the excess with a pliers or tuck it so that is hidden in it’s bloom. Play with it, you will find what works best for you but either way you will notice that in the end the paper will hide what is showing.


For a better look at how to poof your flower you can Click here for the same youtube video. I used my thumb to push the the tissue in an upward motion. Don’t stress about ripping the paper. If you do it will blend anyways.


Poof your petals by grabbing each section and poofing / pulling outward for a 3D effect.


Tie yarn/string around the twine on the backs of your flowers to hang the finished product. These flowers are beautiful decoration for all kinds of parties, home decor and back drops for a photo booth.

I will post photos from their debut after this weekend where you will see just how large these flowers actually are. For an even more elaborate size you can use poster paper for the petals & tissue paper for the bloom but keep in mind it will be more challenging as it will be less flexible.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Stop back tomorrow evening for another one.

XO Cass


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