Ice Sculpture Wine Chiller



How fun is this ice bucket made from actual ice? I thought it was going to be an epic flop and although it didn’t turn out perfect, it still exceeded my expectation considering it was the first time I’ve tried it.

What you will need;

2 Quarts Of Distilled Water.

1 Large Pale/Bucket

1 Small Pale/Bucket

Your choice of 1 small floral arrangement. (the heartier the bloom the better such as roses or Daisy’s. Delicate flowers may crumble in the water.)

1 Large Lemon

2 Limes


My first challenge was finding buckets that would work at a decent price. Target had nothing, Walmart had nothing, Goodwill had a few but the prices were ridiculous for a DIY which is supposed to be inexpensive. I almost gave up but once again the Dollar Store won over. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for as the pales should have no grooves, indents or moldings and the only small one I could find had small engraved handles but I gave it a shot anyway. This was one of those times I wish I had saved empty ice cream and cottage cheese pales; so keep that in mind while gathering up your tools.

For the best results your pale should be plastic and completely flat all the way around. When choosing a smaller pale make sure you find one that leaves about 2 1/2 inches of space between it and the larger pale. If it’s going to be a hot day, the thicker the better but make sure whatever drink you will be displaying fits.


 The first step is to fill you large pale up about 4in with distilled water. You won’t need your smaller pale at this time. This step creates the bottom of your ice bucket. layer the sides with smaller flowers and slices of fruit. Place pale in freezer over night.



Follow up the next day by adding your smaller pale into the mix. Fill your smaller pale with rocks/sand/dirt anything that will help anchor the pale once the water is added. Place the smaller pale inside the larger one. Fill the sides of the large pale half way with distilled water and add a few more flowers and fruit. Make sure your flowers are facing outward. Place pale in freezer over night.

The reason we are layering the water is to help stop all of the decorative items from floating to the top. Doing it this way makes it a longer process but it helps give a scattered appearance which in the end will look better. 


On day three you will add the rest of your distilled water and decorative pieces. Leave a quarter of an inch at the top. Freeze over night.

On the final day, day 4 you will need to empty out whatever was anchoring your smaller pale. Do NOT wait till the very end…. I did and it made this last step much more difficult then it really needed to be. Pour cold water in replace and let sit for a few minutes. Check periodically till the pale slides right out.

Lastly, place the large pale in a sink of cool water and let sit till your sculpture slides right out revealing your finished product.


For display you will want to use a platter large enough to hold a small towel and your ice bucket. Remember your sculpture will melt so its best to place a towel inside the platter and display the sculpture on the towel. This will help absorb what melts leaving less of a mess. Hide whats showing of the towel and platter with decorative leaves, more flowers or sprigs of mint.


To die for right? And this was just the test run! Be sure to check my Instagram Casskelle on Sunday evening for the final reveal.

Stop back Friday for more Summer Sixteen Celebration DIY’s

XO Cass

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