The Little Details Silverware Roll

It’s the little details that always stand out to me when admiring party décor. Sure the balloons are a nice touch and the garland is pretty but it’s the little things that make me think to myself wow this person sure knows how to host a party. If it’s DIY brownie points; because as someone who personally lives to create their own, I know how much time and effort it takes to make it happen and I know how often it doesn’t always turn out the way you hoped. So kudos to the hostess with the mostess.

Details don’t always need to be complicated either or cost you a ton of money. One way of adding an extra touch is rolling your silverware. I created a rustic look but keep and open mind to other ways you can achieve a similar style to fit your parties theme. I provided a list of other beautiful looks and links to their blogs further below.

If you want to recreate my look you will need

  • Your Silverware, spoon, forks, knives are optional.
  • Yarn/Twine, Craft stores have lots of rustical options for your twine. I used Yarn because I had it laying around but twine I think would look better.
  • Medium size paper doily’s, Local Craft stores sell different sizes for cheap. The dollar store also will occasionally carry some.
  • Glue Gun


The steps are easy as 1,2,3. Wrap your silverware with the doily and hot glue in place. Don’t worry about the glue seeping and sticking to your utensils, they will slide in and out easily. To secure, tie with about 10 inches of yarn or twine. WALLA! This project is repetitive but it’s easy.

Other inspiration not by midwestern mom





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