Father’s Day DIY part 2 story book



I’m doubling up on blogs today for all of you mommas that need a little last minute DIY inspiration for Father’s Day. This morning I showed you a ball cap that Dash and I created for his daddy and tonight we finished up another foot print DIY. Foot prints are pretty common infant gifts because there is not a whole lot your little baby can participate in. They make for precious memories too. I wanted to stay away from your typical clay molding though and create something that not only would be a keep sake but something that both Jakob and Dash could benefit from.

I came up with the idea of a book while trolling through the craft store and came across a bulk of 6, 8 paged, blank, paperback books. At 3 months Dash basically already has his own library and even though he has a few daddy and me reads I thought to myself how cool would this be if together we wrote a simple book that him and his father could read. How even cooler would it be if I made this a Father’s Day tradition? It’s a great way to get your child’s creative juices flowing, practice story writing & drawing and HELL; it sure beats a card every year.

For our first year it’s obvious that I will be the one coming up with the story line, writing and for the most part, drawing the images but after a bit of browsing on Pinterest I found an awesome way for my son to participate in the illustration process. I created a Super Hero out of his foot prints. Originally if you search online you will see that other mothers used their child’s handprint for the cape of the figure but mine sleeps with his hands clasped closed so that was not going to happen.



You can do this while your child is asleep or like me; while feeding them. Anytime they are least fidgety is the best. After each print I would give the page 5 minutes to dry before making the next one.


To fit the theme of my images I went with a super hero story line. I suggest choosing a story and using words that are appropriate for the age of your child. Draft your story out on a separate piece of paper page for page. You’ll notice that creating the footprints is a lengthy process so a rough draft is really going to help you avoid mistakes or a do-over.


When writing your story remember this is for daddy and it should be influenced by him as much as possible. I wrote my paragraphs based off his interests and hobbies.


Don’t forget to use lots of color. I’ve never seen a child’s book that’s grey toned and you want this to be a book that your little will want to read with daddy. Be sure to use a washable marker that will not leak through the pages. Permanent marker will only work on the front and back covers.




For the back of our book; where a summary would normally be I instead wrote our card. Make sure you date your book.


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