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Sip Sip HOORAY for Jakes cousin Troy and his beautiful bride Emma who got married over the weekend. I know I sure did my fair share of sipping with it being our first trip away from our lo (Dash). I might still be recovering. Whoops. But nothing feels better than being back at home with my little cub.

I love wedding season because I love having an excuse to get my man into dress pants and a tie (please insert heart eyes NOW) as well as myself looking.. well not like a brand new mom that lives in occasionally holey leggings…. yes I am human most of the time a sloppy human that sometimes still wears holey leggings when the laundry needs to be done. sue me but give me cred for this amazing garden fairy dress.

Posh love boutique is where I found my maxi. There are three locations; I purchased mine at Ridgedale Mall in Minnetonka MN. This is hands down one of my favorite boutiques right now for it’s super reasonable pricing.

For the perfect and I mean literally most perfect summer wedding I have ever been too, in the most perfect location lake superior, with the absolute perfect date; I sure did find myself the most perfect dress. Thanks POSH LOVE!.. again.


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