DIY Flower Crown

I’ve began hand crafting my own floral crowns now since the Fourth Of July two years ago. I wanted a Red White & Blue one but knew I wouldn’t find anything decently priced & in time for the festivities to begin so I created my own instead.

What you’ll need 

  • Floral Wire
  • Fake Flowers Of Choice
  • Hot Glue Gun/Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Floral Tape

Lets do this!

Begin by cutting 3 lengths of floral wire. Measure around your head then give about 4 in extra for length. Braid your lengths and tie at both ends. For very fine, thin floral wire, you may want to braid two and twist to create a thicker base. Keep in mind you will be glueing your flowers onto your crown so you will want something that will hold.



Cut the heads of your flowers off the stems and organize them around your crown for a visual then glue in place. The trick is to glue a lot. Once the flower is attached I secure it more by glueing over the wire so that once dry it’s not going ANYWHERE!



Believe it or not; my first crown is still alive today. It lived through 2 drunken Fourth Of July Weekends, several pool parties and still looks just as good as the day I made it. The best part? I spent maybe 8 dollars total using all dollar store supplies. 


Floral tape is optional. It’s nice if you have it but it’s not necessary. It may increase the longevity of your crown but other than that, it’s really just an extra step. For my first crown I wrapped the wire in floral tape and used this to help secure the tie in the back. It’s nice for hiding any excess wires that may be dangling.


And Hello Lana Del Rey!

Thank’s for stopping by!!


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