Inside the Happy Mama’s Home

It’s treasure hunting season and today I thought I would share one of my favorite hot spots with my fellow Midwestern crafties. Mama’s Happy in Independence MN is an occasional shop I was introduced to last summer. If you are not familiar with occasional shops then you are in for a real treat because they are truly just that. An occasional shop is a store often hosted out of the owners home or a rented shop where it’s only open a few times a month, seasonally. Usually antique shops, they are typically only open a few times a year to give the owner time to replenish the inventory.

Mama’s Happy is a growing and very successful business which was originally started by a crafty momma out of her very own home. She later added other crafty mommas to grow her company name.


MN only; there are 4 locations 3 which are open all year round leaving the original to be open only a few times a month. This month however was a REAL treat though when the owner opened up not only her store but her home to the public for a small donation which went to a fellow mama battling cancer and let me tell you, it was seriously inspiring for the interior designer in me.

The first thing you see when you walk in is your shoe closet.


The contrast looks fantastic and I love that the washed colors give the doors a shabby look. Right up my alley. Safe to say I was in awe the second I walked in the door.


Certain beauty is just too much for even a camera. That’s the only way I can explain this mommas home. Details are hard to capture unless you get up close and personal and unfortunately I didn’t take the advantage I should have with this opportunity. With that being said  I highly recommend paying as much attention to the little things in the photos. For instance the rustic buggy used as a coffee table. The chair in the corner; a simple chair that may be 15 dollars at a flea market can look 100 worth tied in with the right decor. It’s all about having the right theme that fits your budget and sticking with that theme while”looking outside of the box.”


What made this home tour worthy? Hands down the wood work. The remodel and add on to this home was absolutely breath taking. What I love about this home is that you can see that the decor was one hundred percent authentic to the home owner. Everything was collectible and repurposed to fit the homes needs, which means from my stand point; I don’t think that she spent a tremendous amount of money on decorating. But as someone who works in the lumber, interior and exterior industry I can honestly say, she put her money where it was worth. And it looks AMAZING!


Hands down my favorite part was the heart of the home; the kitchen. There is no other way to explain it other than … a mother’s dream. Not only were the details flawless but the organization which I think we can all agree is necessary in a kitchen was truly inspiring. My favorite? Check out the island that’s big enough to cook for an army on. I died….


 All around the home was 100 percent rustic with that old school feel but I loved how she brought some brand new life to the (dinning) table with a little green thumb.


 My second favorite part of the home was hands down, the boys room. I couldn’t help but see Dash’s future in every corner.  Again it’s the details that matter; like this desk at the end of the bed!


The window was an original true to the home and it was by far one of my favorite details. And what little boy doesn’t want his own star gazing hot spot?

The attic was made livable, as you see here into the laundry room. What a way of making use out of the space you’re given right? Strangely enough out of all the spaces in the home this was the one that probably inspired me the most. We currently live in a very small space. Smaller than this but our laundry room is comparable and  most laundry room’s are grungy, dirty, and are a very, very unhappy place to be because well who likes doing laundry anyway? Well I suppose I would if my laundry room looked like this right? Sometimes all it takes is a little paint and a little organization. A little bit goes a long way.


KICK ME! I didn’t take enough photos of this part but here is the best I got of her daughter’s room or “rooms. Now I am not one hundred percent sure but what I got from the layout was that her daughter had 2 bedrooms and that there was a distinct transition between the two. I could be totally wrong but my reasoning for believing this is because there was actually no physical door between the two rooms. And it was fricken fantastic. The first room was girly with hues of pink, purple and all shab chic and if you have added me on snap chat @Casskell then you may have seen the story already of myself pouting over my lack of child hood room decor…. What came next? A short hallway which separated the pink room from the stable room. aka every girls dream. I don’t know about you but my child hood was filled with my little ponies and play horses and this second room brought out all my inner child feels.

update; there are actually two daughters. they share their spaces with one another. Talk about the best of both worlds right? I knew I should have had a sister…



The master bedroom was a fast favorite as well for obvious reasons.. like check out the light windows….. Amazing right? Keep in mind this was around 6/ 7 pm at night. Can you imagine the light that hits this room in the morning / afternoon hours? Another favorite was how she hung antique doors barn style rather than using regular barn doors.


imageThe master bath was also another inspirational outlet for me. What I loved most was that she left the original tiles or what looks like the original tiles in her shower which reminded me a lot of the old tiles in my home. In other words it gave me a better respect for what I already have and reminded me of the beauty that’s already existing in my own house.


We ended our tour by finishing up in the foyer which is also the breaking point where shop meets home. There was a distinct breaking point between the two which was almost refreshing to see. Now as I look back at these photos I have to admit that in prospective this was where you can really see the sacrifices a lot of mothers make for their families. Where family meets work, where work meets passion and passion is incorporated into our families. Why we should be passionate about the work we do. Thank you to the home and store owner for this opportunity to see inside the life of the Happy Mama and document the beauty behind it all.


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