Goodwill Dining Table Made Chic

So we all know how much I love everything antique and chic and that I don’t like giving up a pretty penny for it. That’s why my go to store is always The Goodwill for all my home decor needs, It’s amazing what a little paint can do.  Sometimes it works and a lot of times it doesn’t. But when a piece doesn’t turn out the way I had planned, it doesn’t suck so bad because I didn’t spend a fortune on it.  Which is why I didn’t mind taking a few different risks on this table here.


I spent 25.00 total on this entire set, leaf and chairs included.There were a few dents here and there but the real work was in the chairs. The fabric was stained beyond relief and originally I planned on cleaning up the cushions and painting the set grey but even if the fabric had come clean the creme seats would have clashed with the grey color. The cushions were also bolted into the chairs making it awfully hard for me to replace the fabric so I got online and after a bit of research I decided I would wing it and try out fabric painting.

Now I am all about saving money but there was no way I would be saving anything if I would have purchased pre mixed fabric paint from a craft store. A small bottle which never would have covered one chair was 8.00 and I would have needed about 10-15 bottles. YA RIGHT! So after a little more research I decided to try mixing my own out of chalk paint and water and I am so glad I did because I saved a ton of money that way!


Before sanding you want to make sure your table is made out of real wood. Anything else like fiberglass, fur etc can easily be painted right over without. Sanding will only ruin your table. You can check the origin of your table by lightly sanding one of the legs. If it looks card boardie than it is not real wood.


Because I wanted to create a rustic warn out look I decided to lightly brush the chair “wood” with paint not worrying about getting every inch, letting the mahogany creep through. For the table I did the same but added more effect by using an antique paint. Antique waxing can sound intimidating if you have never done it before. I gotta say when I started painting this dark color over my freshly painted grey it was nerve wracking because it literally looked like I was just demolishing my hard work. But the results were perfect. My technique was simply stroking a quarter of the table with a 4 inch bristle brush and then take a damp rag and wiping the excess off. For a more dramatic antique look; leave your stain for a few minutes letting it sit and then wipe the excess off.

Click for video

12003022_10156104439145297_1383884737990010940_n (1).jpg

For more antiquing; I got a little sloppy with the black fabric paint (chalk board paint and water) but I found that this lazy technique actually created a really cool old antique look when I wiped the excess paint. This made painting the fabric easier & faster.


To top my dining set off I set the table and chairs with RUST-OLEU.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

TADA- There she is! After going in blind I came out surprisingly pleased with my end result. The fabric paint did make the cushions stiffer but I found that sanding them lightly softened them right up.


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