How To Take Your Own Maternity Photos Like A Professional

It’s a world where Instagram is one of the most leading platforms of social media making anyone and everyone a professional photographer. K, maybe not exactly but pretty damn close. These days we are given access to hundreds of editing tools and online knowledge for a small fee or in fact most of the time, no price at all which has given people the ability to take frame worthy photos for free.

Don’t get me wrong, some occasions need a professional that’s dedicated to capturing exactly what you want because there are just some shots that can’t be captured with an I phone, good lighting and willing camera holding participant. But there are a lot of photos that can and a professional session is spendy! Is It worth it? Most of the time definitely! With a professional shoot you’re given excellent quality photos, props and a dedicated set of hands that will make you look fantastic no matter what painful position they have to sit in to get it. Most importantly they provide creativity. But not all of us have the money to afford this type of session. Some of us are single moms, unexpected new parents, or just in a financial slum at the moment. That’s ok! It’s 90 percent of us really! So from new mom to new mom, here’s some creative inspiration along with tips and tricks for taking some seriously fantastic maternity photos that will last you a lifetime.

Get Inspired

 I recommend a lot of browsing. Check out Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration. Some key words to use when searching are #maternity, #maternityphotography,#maternityshoot, #pregnancy, #pregnancyshoot, #mother, motherhood, #baby. A great account to follow is @expectful who shares tons of beautiful insta perfect shots of expecting mommas, new mommas and their families.

Who are you comfortable with?

Find someone you trust and are comfortable with. For me it was my mother. You can feel silly having someone follow you around taking orders and pictures for you so it’s worth it if you can find a family member or friend that you trust not to make you feel sillier then you already do.

Always Good Lighting!

The key to fantastic looking photos is lighting. It’s as simple as that! outdoor photos are best because of the natural lighting! Look for great pic spots around your city. If your taking photos indoors then grab every lamp in your house and  create your own studio. You’re going to feel ridiculous and your spouse might laugh at you for weeks but your pictures are going to look frickin amazing. Use your windows in the daytime for natural sunlight and try to face so that the sunlight hits you.


HDR Everything!

Every smart phone gives you this option simply by taping the center of your image on the screen before snapping it. This will DE blur your photo giving you a sharper picture with more vibrant color.


Clean/ Neat Backgrounds!

 Be aware of your surroundings and cleanliness. Bare interior walls with solid colors make for excellent back drops especially WHITE! Mirror selfies aren’t cute in dirty mirrors. Avoid unaware photo bombers in public settings and areas with heavy glares of sunlight .


Photo Edits

Find an editor that works for you. I only use free apps personally. My top three are ColorStory, VSCO & Be Funky.


One of my favorites are black and white silhouettes. All you need is a window. The best time to take this photo is morning or mid day, depending on which way your window faces the sun. Use a black and white filter then turn your contrast up and highlights down.

Show Case Your Bump With Props!


Involve Your Partner


After all it’s his baby too.

Flattering Angles



like my grandmother says “the higher the better” when it comes to having your photo taken. You avoid sagging flab, double chins and other imperfection show casements. Highlight the bump by having your photo taken from above.


Side profiles were my favorite. I was a wide pregnant woman. Find what angles you like best but keep in mind that it’s your bump that’s the real star.

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5 thoughts on “How To Take Your Own Maternity Photos Like A Professional

  1. Love some of these photos! I only have one photo of me when I was pregnant. So sad! Hopefully we will do a ton when we’re pregnant with the next one! I’m so excited I finally have a nice camera to take photos of my family!

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