Personalized Rustic Serving Trays.

Lately I have been obsessing over serving trays because not only are they purposeful they’re beautiful and look fantastic as a decoration.

A close girlfriend of mine recently just got married and for her shower a few weekends back I wanted to make her something personal yet functional so I went with a personalized serving tray to represent their union. After ripping my supplies I realized I had enough to make a second tray and yay for me because it turned out really beautiful.



3- 2X4 2 1/2 footers OR 2- 2×4 2 1/2 footers & 1 ripped 2×4 2 1/2 footer

If you are unable to access real barn wood that’s ok! You can purchase s4s cedar or rough sawn cedar in place of this. Visit any lumber store (Menards, Lowes) & request to take a look at a few options. There are many ways you can distress your own wood to give it the same appearance. Take a hammer and sander to your wood; throw some pebbles on it, put on your toughest boots and stomp and scratch the hell out of it. Top your boards off with some antique paint. 

2 Large Spoons

Gorilla Glue (any hardware  or craft store)

E600 Glue (any craft store)

6- 9in Fastner (any hardware store)

Wood Burner; Creative Hobby Tool $15.00 at Michaels Stores

how To

Take (2) of the lengths and glue them edge to edge creating a single board that is 6″ wide x 2-1/2′ long using your Gorilla Glue. I know I know you might be thinking, “seriously glue?” BUT YES.. glue! This stuff is legit.

Take 1 2x and rip it. Ripping means to cut your board parallel with the grain. Rather than cutting your board the short way you’re cutting it the long way. Here is an image for a better understanding.


Your two ripped pieces are the handles of your serving tray. First I glued my two pieces then secured them with 3 fastners on each side.


Now that you have your tray you’re ready for wood burning.  If you have experience with this you may already know that wood burning is not easy. The level of difficulty depends immensely on the species of wood you use alone. A smoother board is going to be easier than one with a rougher grain. It takes some practice so I recommend giving yourself time to get used to it on a piece of scrap ply. I personally used Barn Wood which couldn’t have made it any harder so for my girlfriends tray I decided to create a stencil and free hand my personal tray.

The Creative Hobby and other brands like it come with 4-6 different burning heads to suit different purposes. For more information on what your different heads can do there are a few different tutorials available on you tube.


For my personal tray I winged it. I personally wanted to create the look of a carved love heart using mine and my hunnies initials which I thought looked great on the species of wood I was using.

Next step; create your handle. I did a “spooning” theme for the wedding gift but decided that since they made such perfect handles I would do the same for my serving tray as well. You can also pick yourself up some beautiful handles at a Hobby Lobby


Be sure to follow the directions on the glue to a T for a successful result.


Protect your serving tray with a clear top coat. I like Rust-oleum Chalked. I use it on literally everything!!



And TADA! Isn’t she a beaut? The perfect breakfast in bed, tea with family, drinks and appetizers with friends accessory. Not to mention it makes one fine centerpiece.


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