Half Way To 1; Cup Cake Smiles & Surviving Teething.

How are we half way into our first year with our first born? Like really; how do 6 months just happen in not even a blink of an eye? They say time goes faster when you have children or maybe they don’t but I DO!

We celebrated with a cupcake, books & lots of snuggles. He wasn’t a huge fan of the taste but loved making a mess. I have a feeling we have many “Don’t play with your food”S in our future.


At a 1/2 a year, Dash Alexander is roughly the size of a 1 year old already. He loves bubble baths, singing, dancing, tickle attacks, other babies, sleeping on his left side, music, car rides, swimming, Target runs & grocery shopping, long walks, picnics, swinging at the park, stuffed animals and fuzzy blankets.

His favorites are his saucer, Johnny Jumper & giraffe.

Dash has one tooth coming in that is visible but has yet to pop. He eats 3 solid meals a day with milk meals in between. So far, Dash has tried broccoli, squash, mixed carrots & apple. Mostly greens but the little monkey is in store for bananas tonight.

Our Dashing Prince is sitting up & when he’s really angry, rolling. He can stand for long periods of time while holding onto mommy & daddy.


Our sweet boy is one happy baby even while teething he is very drooley but smiley. What’s getting  both him and us through this tough teething time is, Hylands Teething Tablets, A good pacifier, teething rings, Orajel, a cold wet rag to chew on & a little Tylenol on our worst nights.

I swore to myself I would only use natural remedies when it came time for our cub teething but now that he is here, now seeing him in pain, as a mother I want to try anything said safe by our doctor to help and these have really REALLY helped.


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