DIY Family Disney Halloween Costumes

Β Happy ALMOST Fall! It’s literally my absolute favorite time of year and not just because it’s pumpkin spice season!Β  It’s my favorite time of year because I love everything creepy! Halloween is my favorite holiday and one thing I have always taken very seriously are my Halloween costumes. Another thingΒ  I take seriously is everything Disney. So I thought it would be fun to share last years maternity Halloween costume as well as a few other Disney inspired maternity and family costumes!


I love the movie Cinderella so my hunny & I dressed as none other than Gus Gus and Jaq from the classic film. People seriously loved this! It was the easiest costume to recreate and I already had the best Gus Gus accessory; a belly.

Ears- Tan Felt. I cut four extra long ears out of the felt and then wrapped and glued them around two head bands I purchased from the dollar store.

Β Outfit- For the rest of our costume, we found everything at our local Goodwill. Goodwill is definitely my destination for all things Halloween. The amount you save DIY’ing a Halloween costume is crazy but you save even more buying thrift. We found- Red and green caps, Yellow T shirt that I cut short, a tan tank top, tan sweat pants, red T shirt & red button up.





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