My Top Fall Gender Reveal Party Ideas


A Corn Maze Gender Reveal

Up first is.. well ours. Not to toot my own horn or anything but it was pretty damn creative. Jake and I both come from pretty energetic, involved families so we wanted to throw a reveal that would be energetic and involve everyone. Together we decided we would make the occasion that much more special and find out with all of our closest friends and families and it was absolutely magical. At our ultra sound we asked our doctor to write the sex on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Jakes mom painted two pumpkins, one blue and one pink. She dropped off both pumpkins and the envelope at a neighbors who offered to conceal the correct pumpkin in a box for us Our location was a pumpkin farm which was known for it’s HUGE corn maze and other fun fall family activities. . Jake, myself & other friends and family that wanted to join set off in the huge corn maze to locate our pumpkin which was incased in a box. Together we found the box and when we finally made our way back to the party we opened it for all to see.

It was the perfect day even with all of the rain. You can read our story with all of the days  details including our décor HERE.


Smash The Pumpkin

My cousin found out she was pregnant right around the same time I found out I was. For her fall themed gender reveal she infused a pumpkin with blue paint and when it was time to announce, her and her significant other got everyone outdoors for a nice little smash of the pumpkin in the driveway! They caught the whole thing on video and it was absolutely adorable.


Smoke bomb

I’m sure a few of you have seen this one on Pinterest before; it’s whimsical just like the spirit of Halloween is! When it’s time to announce, grab your party and head on outside for an exciting show.


Carve The Baby Pumpkin Out

Pre cut and gut a large “momma” pumpkin! Stick a painted pink or blue baby pumpkin in the center and seal the top back on with hot glue or if you want to really make sure no one gets a sneak peek use E600 glue. When it is time to announce have everyone huddle around while you and your partner carve a heart shape on the “tummy” of the “mommy pumpkin” turn her around to reveal what gender is inside.  


Carving Race

A fun game to play with your spouse in front of your family and friends. Mommy and Daddy each get their own pumpkin to carve; whoever carves the name of the gender first in the pumpkin gets to be the one to share the news with the party. Set up card board boxes to create a private space for the couple so that no one else can peek. Nothing like a little healthy competition to start out the glory of your child’s life right?


Bobbin For Baby

All this talk about pumpkins but the first thing I think of when I think about fall isn’t pumpkin spiced lattes, it’s apple orchards. Have someone paint two apples the correct color, burry them in a crate or barrel of regular apples and when it comes time for the reveal  have the soon to be parents compete in a dry version of Bobbin For Apples. Whoever gets to the apple first makes the reveal. 


Gender Covered Apples

A Simpler but cute and creative way is while hosting a fall themed happy Hour. Get your family and friends together for some fall worthy drinks and apps and come time for desert get everyone for some caramel apples. Have a mix of dyed caramel (dyed either pink or blue) in a covered large pot. You can decorate the top cover with question marks or something else to tell people not to look! Have mom and dad dip their apples in the dyed caramel revealing the gender to all. It sure would make for a picture perfect moment.



Here’s How


What screams fall more than a large mound of hay? Have your doctor write the gender on a piece of paper and  sealed in an  envelope. Pre party Have someone who can keep a secret burry a pink or blue pumpkin in a mound of hay and on your mark, get set, GO; race your spouse to see who can find the pumpkin first.

Keep The Moment Intimate And Share Later

Jake and I personally went back and fourth between this idea and our corn maze one. As much as we wanted to share our moment with our family and friends we also wanted to keep it just between the two of us. If you and your spouse would like to keep this moment between just the two of you then there are many ways you can do this. Prior to your ultra sound, have a craft night with you and your spouse and paint two pumpkins. One blue and one pink. On the day of your appointment bring both pumpkins and a box big enough to conceal one pumpkin. Instead of having your doctor write the gender on a piece of paper have them place the correct pumpkin in the box and ask that they dispose the other.

Go home for a date night in. open the box together and video tape yourselves doing so. Later you can host a party and either re open the box with family or share the video for everyone to watch the moment unfold together.


I hope this post has given you some great ideas for your Fall Gender Reveal and congrats on that little pumpkin.


12 thoughts on “My Top Fall Gender Reveal Party Ideas

    1. Sometimes it’s less stressful that way… it was rainy and freezing and ours was meant to be outdoors. I almost let it take way from our special moment but luckily I had family and friends to keep me sane 🙂 Hope all is well with your family and little ❤ thank you for reading XO


  1. I just loved this post! Love the pumpkin with ‘Boy’. so creative. If you are wondering what to do with the paper and ribbon from the shower…check out ‘Baby Shower Mobile’ on my site…it’s beautiful, easy to make, and a wonderful way to display a memento.

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