How To Preserve Your Pumpkins And Make Them Last.

While shopping at the market yesterday I over heard several moms having the same conversation with their kids that my mother had with me this same time of year! “mom can we get a pumpkin?” “no hunny it’s too early!!”

But what if I were to tell you it’s not though? Sure if you were to bring your pumpkin home and throw it on the step; it more than likely won’t last but if you follow some of these tips I can promise you won’t regret buying your pumpkins in September!


  • Let your pumpkins soak in a sink of warm luke warm water with 1 tbsp of of dish soap and 1 tbsp of bleach. Let pumpkins sit for 5 minutes then dry. This will kill any bacteria on the surface that can lead to an early rot.


  • When soaking your pumpkins leave them upside down (stem down) in the sink. This prevents your pumpkins from bobbing up and down. 


  • When rinsing the exterior of your pumpkin to remove any visible dirt always be sure to dry your pumpkin completely with a towel. Sitting moisture is never good for your pumpkins life expectancy.




Coat your pumpkins in liquid floor cleaner.

Coat your pumpkins in Petroleum jelly

Spray your pumpkins with WD-40.

Submerge your pumpkin in white vinegar.


  • USE BLEACH. The most popular way of preserving pumpkins is to use bleach and water. If you are carving your pumpkins then coat the inside and cut outs with bleach. To do this I soak a sponge in the bleach and then sponge it right into the pumpkins making sure not to miss an inch of the inside. Another great way to make sure your not missing a day with your pumpkin is to place it in a bucket filled with 2/3 cups of bleach and top with water. Leave your pumpkin sitting for 24 hours. Completely dry your pumpkin before leaving it out to sit.



  • Always be sure to clean your tools thoroughly before carving  your pumpkin in hot water and soap.
  • Don’t let your pumpkins sit under direct sun or rain! If your using your pumpkins for exterior décor then it’s best to keep them under a porch where sunlight or rain cannot reach. This is very important as both are large factors in rotting out pumpkins.
  • Freezing doesn’t work! I’ve seen a few methods on Pinterest that talk about freezing their pumpkins. Unless you find a really good tutorial and you follow the directions to a tee; your pumpkin isn’t going to last.. It will just end up a pile of moosh. My advice? Don’t risk it!




5 thoughts on “How To Preserve Your Pumpkins And Make Them Last.

    1. Hi Kassi 🙂 Yes you can for up to 2 months even!!! First roast them then make sure they are completely dry from moisture. Seal tight in a plastic container.. they key is to keep moisture away. The seeds will spoil like crazy if there is any moisture 🙂 Hope this helps!! Thanks for reading !! xo

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