Skull Vase; 5 Min DIY

I was trolling on Instagram a few weeks back when I came across d.i.y.till_i_die‘s account. She has amazing halloween crafts so of course I had to follow. She posted a picture of a skull head with flowers and I knew I had to create my own version. So here ya have her. This was literally a five minute DIY and so easy to pull off.

What You Need

A plastic skull head. I picked mine up at the dollar store. 

Spray Paint Optional, I went with gold.

Flowers fake or real cut the stem short.

Cutting Knife

What You Do


Plastic is easy to cut so find something rubbery or plastic. This could also work with foam heads. Cut a small circle from the skulls temple.


Spray paint your skull your choice of color. I went with a metallic gold because that’s a common theme throughout my home.


Cut the stems of your flowers short so that they are not too tall for your skull vase.




So Cute. So spooky. So crafty. Yay Halloween!! Thanks d.i.y.till_i_die


2 thoughts on “Skull Vase; 5 Min DIY

  1. I love how it came out. Thanks for sharing! I recently made a skull candle holder and would love for you to visit my site and check it out. I also have a chocolate skull tutorial as well 🙂

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