Zoli Snack Dispenser Review


Review Summary;

  • Product: Zoli Snack Dispenser
  • Stars Our Of 5: 5
  • Comments: The best baby product I own. Makes traveling easier than ever. Easy To clean. Easy to use. Easy to store.

YOU GUY! I love sharing products that I love! Especially products that I know other mommas are going to love also!! Traveling is rough when your traveling with babies and I’m talking all sorts of traveling. Whether your traveling out of state or traveling to Target but I seriously have a product to share with you that makes it a smidge better.

introducing the Zoli Snack Dispenser


My girlfriend introduced me to this enchantment before I even knew I was expecting. She brought it everywhere with her and the multi colored cups always caught my eye. I would watch as she conversed casually with us girls at brunch, handing her son cheerios while mixing up at bottle ALL AT THE SAME FRICKEN TIME! Multitasking made EASY for mommas that lives revolve around multitasking. It’s GENIOUS RIGHT? So when it was my time to put together a baby registry this was the first product I looked for. Which brings me to my only CON…… only 1.


  • This item is not sold in boxed stores! – which was upsetting because how am I supposed to add it to my registry? Luckily my girlfriend knew how much I wanted it so she made sure to order one for me. “LOVE HER!!!” sigh. This product is only sold online. You can find yours at Nordstoms.com, Amazon, and linked above is Albee baby.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Small and compact enough for any diaper bag/purse.
  • 4 Storage compartments to hold a day’s worth of snacks and or formula.
  • Makes dumping in formula SO SIMPLE and UN messy!!
  • Useable for all ages. Hell even mommy can use it for personal use. I store my protein powder in it all the time!!
  • Perfect for any on the go days and or road trips!

What I do

For Mommy I bring this thing everywhere… Even to work for my own personal use. My diet right now has me drinking protein shakes all day at work. So instead of bringing the whole canteen and or portioning out scoops into baggies I portion out my scoops into my snack dispenser along with peanuts to snack on.

For Mommy And Baby Right now my son isn’t quite yet munching on solid snacks. He is however still taking a formula mixed bottle and eating mashed solids. When I know I am going to be gone for awhile I fill the two top containers with his pre portioned out formula, the third container with his mixed solids (bananas and oatmeal mixed) and the fourth container I fill with my protein. Perfect for an afternoon at the zoo, mall etc.

For Toddler My girlfriend would fill the bottom two with snacks like gummies and cheerios and the top with formula and apple sauce.


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