Baby Bath Favorites. Real Moms Talk.

Bath time in our house is a party for everyone! Dash loves it so much that it literally is something I, myself look forward to every other night. I got my mommy friends involved this time to talk about all of our favorite bath time products and brands and have put together a list for all of you.

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Babyganics Is a favorite in our home. It’s my favorite organic baby brand on the market simply because they don’t charge you an arm and a leg for their products.

California Baby is a favorite of mommy friend Cassie B who says –

 It works perfect with my daughters sensitive skin.

These natural, organic products are gentle and mommy approved. The Bubble Bath even comes with a bubble blower for more bath time fun.

Johnson & Johnson Is also a frequently used brand in my home. It’s a brand that was used by my mother and my mothers- mother and that makes it a brand that I can trust. I love their bed time bubble bath & lotion. The lavender scent is soothing, one mommy friend also recommends lavender by the Honest Company.


dōTERRA One mommy friend uses and loves the dōTERRA brand. So much she has formed a successful career around it. Michelle says –

I use Epsom salt and lavender oil for the bath and dōTERRA shampoo for my daughters hair.

For Orders Click Here

For questions or more on this brand ask Michelle Here


The Honest Co is loved by moms all over the place. These organic, all natural products are infused in botanical formulas. Mommy Friend Madolyn says –

 Most of the lotions don’t give me that delicious baby smell but I know my child is in good hands with these products and that’s all that matters.



The Angel Care Bath seat has been everything I could have asked for and more in a bath seat for my infant. Mommy & friend of mine Cassie B says,

I feel like the flower bath was all looks and no talk. I like your basic, plastic bath.

If you are unsure what bath she is referring to, she is speaking on the blooming baby bath. This cloth bath looks cute and cozy but after talking to Cassie B more on this,  it ended up being a one time use only.

There are of course other baths such as spa tubs & sitters with cloth seats like the Deluxe Baby Bather but I wouldn’t recommend any of these. Cassie B who has experience with the Deluxe Baby Bather says-

It was difficult to store due to water dripping everywhere. This is the kind of seat that would need to be dried completely before taken out of the bath.

Spa baths look great I will admit but the price is high and they will only last so long. As the mom of a big baby I can honestly say there is no way my 21 LB 7 month old baby would sit comfortably in a spa tub anymore.

With the Angel Care bath seat Dash can lean back and grab at toys floating near by. The curved, rubbery seat holds him securely in place so that he can’t squirm out and he’s been comfortable in it from the day we have taken him home.

Munchkin White Hot Duck was a real mind easer for me during the first few months with my son. I like my baths boiling and sometimes Jake says that  because of it, I no longer know too hot for my own good. This bath toy was cheap & serves a purpose at bath time. You simply hold the duck in the water for just a few seconds and if the bottom says HOT like shown in the picture it’s too warm for baby.


Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat is another Munchkin must have. Once baby has graduated from the bath seat it’s time for something more to keep their happy feet and tooshies safe. Mommy friend Madolyn says-

At first I purchased grippy bath treads and they worked great at first but they began to peal fast. I have been using my munchkin mat with two kids for over a year now and have had NO accidents to complain about yet.


Munchkin Scoop keeps babies toys organized and clean. The drain makes it easy to dry toys in bulk and gives you an easy access place to store them right on the wall of your shower. I’ve previously used a netted product that was secured only by a suction cup which didn’t stay up for more than a few minutes. One mommy says-

This one adheres to the wall with double side tape and it works great. I cleaned the surface first then let it sit on the wall for a few hours before putting toys in it and so far, it has been holding up well. It is easy to scoop the toys up and It has holes at the very bottom so all the water drains.


Bath Cups are a convenient toy to have in your tub with baby. These cups make it easy to rinse babies hair and soapy skin at the end of bath time.


Foamy Bath Letters turn bath time into a learning opportunity. Even though my 7 month old it too young to participate I still love to stick them to the wall while singing the ABC’s and leave love notes for him and even his daddy. In reality bath toy’s are a fun thought but not always necessary.  Mommy friend Terina says-

Bath toys ended up being pointless for us because he’s only interested in Tupperware and cups in the tub.

That’s children for us 🙂



Organic Cotton Muslin Wash Cloths. With my son I mostly stuck to using a sponge or my hands when it came to lathering him up. But when he got his first cold I was scared to wipe his face in fear of rubbing against his tender nose. I love these organic wash cloths. They are smooth and soft and even soaked in water are gentle on my babies skin.


Hooded Swaddle Bath Towels infant towels were nice when my son was smaller. The hood kept him nice and warm and the swaddle held him tight till I was ready to put the diaper on him but now that he is older we use adult towels because he such a big boy. Mommy friend Madolyn says

I wouldn’t bother buying more than a couple. I always ended up using our big cozy adult sized ones anyway. But the hood was sometimes nice.


Robe & Slippers  My reasoning for needing a bath robe for my little man is to have something that keeps him warm while letting his lotion set. Nothing is worse then trying to put footie PJS on a freshly lotion’d up sticky baby but you also don’t want them laying naked and cold while waiting for it to settle. That’s why I lotion him up and wrap him in his robe while I clean his ears and brush his hair. And he looks oh so cute while wearing it.

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Thank you to the amazing mommies that participated in this blog with me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.


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