DIY Tassel Garland

hey guys! I’m about to be a repeat defender because today I am sharing a post that I had previously shared on my first blog I called Half Ass Chic Crafts. A ton of you are brand new followers but I have a select few that have supported me from day 1 so this might look familiar. Don’t let that stop you from reading though because I have updated this DIY with clearer, brighter photos, a much simpler HOW TO and 1 added step that will make your DIY garland look store bought. So let’s get started shall we?

When I first blogged this, Tassel garland was hot and fresh on the market. You would see it everywhere at every party, in every IG photo but it was sold only on Etsy and for crazy expensive. So I taught myself how to make my own! Fast forward 2 years and it’s not only everywhere but sold in like every store… Some go for more expensive than others ranging anywhere from $5-$10 making it no longer crazy expensive for paper garland. “So why should I DIY this then” you ask? Because DIYing is still cheaper and you can get more creative with it. More color/ design options for less the buck.






  • Pick up your tissue paper from the dollar store. They have a wide selection of colors & designs & you can also get a stack for a buck. Have a pattern in mind. Whether it be black white, black white or black white polka dots, black white polka dots etc. Create the same amount of tassels for each color/ design.


  • Lay a piece down flat widthwise



  • Fold 3 times. Lengthwise, widthwise & than lengthwise again.


  • At the top where the fold side should be, fold 2 1/2 inches down


Side note, here is a closer look at what I mean by the folded side. Meaning the top, where the single layers of tissue isn’t flocking around. You might be like “duh Cassie, how much mommy crack are you smoking?” or maybe your not because you’re like “omg thank you I was like what the hell?!” Either way the tutorial I attempted to follow 2 years ago didn’t really explain which side to cut and left me with 3 failed attempts of a tassel.


  • Chop chop! Cut your tassels 1 by 1 stopping at the fold. You can cut thicker tassels or skinnier but in my opinion thicker looks better.


It should look something like that.


  • Unfold your sheet and cut straight across widthwise.


You should be left with 2 little spider looking things.


  • Take your first spider and lay him flat down


  • Fold in half widthwise so that your spiders legs are still on each side. You can fold twice or keep fold till it’s skinny enough to start rolling.


  • Roll the body of your spider until it’s ready to twist and wrap.


  • Twist one side down, overlapping the other half so that your spider legs are directly on top of one another and you have created a loop. Your loop must be large enough for the yarn to fit through. Take your glue gun and glue the loop in place.


Repeat these steps until you have created enough tassels for your liking. String your yarn or string of choice through each loop and TADA. Garland tassel.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset


For a little added effect you can give your tassels a more mature look by wrapping the tissue where the loop meets with yarn. This will make your tassels hang more straight.


thank you so much for reading.



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