Baby Registry Guide +What I did & didn’t need.


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Starting your baby registry is intimidating. Trust me, it took me several months to complete mine. The beauty about it is there is no rush at all. Most woman don’t celebrate their baby shower till the last few months of pregnancy which gives you enough time to finish your nursery, research products & establish the perfect registry for you and your family.


How do I register?

There are a few ways to build your registry and that’s online, in store or both. I personally did everything online and it worked for me but I wish I would have started in a store. Sometimes it’s nice to physically touch and see the products you are adding. It’s also nice to get an experts opinion as well and get your partner involved. remember you can always go back and edit/maintain your registry online.

When is a good time to start my registry? 

Remember that your registry won’t be available to friends and family until you make it. You can start building your list as soon as you feel ready to do so but the earlier the better. Give yourself enough time to research, make changes & not miss a thing. All registries give you the option to make changes, delete or add to it at any time.

What is registry etiquette?

It’s a real thing believe it or not. Sure you might not have anyone point out that everything on your registry is the most expensive there is but your guests will notice. It’s ok to have expensive taste and there are certain baby items that just need to be the very best and that is ok. It’s better though to limit these on your registry. Also watch what you are registering for. It’s perfectly fine to register items for yourself but remember who is seeing what you are registering for. You’re going to be sober for 9 months, you’re going to treat yourself to a glass of wine but does grandma really need to know you would like alcohol test strips for your milk? Probs not……………

What if everything looks great? 

Marketing makes everything look great. That doesn’t mean, that the product itself is really all that great though. Research! (That won’t be the only time you hear that word while reading either.)  It’s so important. Find legit reviews. You will see just how great or not great the products you are looking at are.

Try to avoid adding obvious items like blankets, bibs, socks, clothing unless there is something you have that is specific in mind. These are items you are going to receive from guests regardless because they are a safe bet. The upside about that is, you can never have enough of these items. No need to clutter your registry with them though.

How Do I Get What I want?

Typically as new parents we would like all the big expensive stuff to be taken care of for us. If this is the case then it’s best to keep your list of big things small and to the point. You will need 1 feeding chair, 1 infant bath, 1 crib, 1 bassinet, 1 portable infant chair, 1 stroller etc. It’s easy to get a little crazy with the clicking or scanning when you’re in registering mode. But keep it clean and consistent. Also keep in mind that people like to gift according to theme. Bath theme/feeding theme etc. Try to keep your registered items in order by sections. See below for more on this.

What if I have specific brands in mind?

In all honesty, a lot of guests might not even look at the registry you worked so hard on. If you’ve invited other moms to your shower then more than likely they are going to gift you products that they personally love. I registered for pampers and pampers only but still returned several boxes of Huggies along with other products/ brand names I didn’t plan on using for my child. It’s ok though because whether there is a receipt or not, Target will always give you in store credit if it’s a brand they carry which is just about everything.

How do I set my registry up to avoid needing to return items?

Sorry, but you can’t! What you can do, is embrace the return. It’s actually a lot of fun seeing how much money you get back and deciding on what to spend it on. There is always going to be one big thing or a few small things you didn’t get but had your heart set on. Use this opportunity to buy these things.

getting started.png

The first thing I did when building a registry was break what I needed down into sections. To give you an idea, here is a quick list-

Bath/ Feeding/ Sleep/ Wellness/ Gear/ Travel/ Clothing/ Activity/ Nursery & Organization/ MISC.

Once you’ve got a good list going, start working on each section one at a time.  Babies R Us breaks down the list of options into sections as well, making it easy for you to follow along.


favorite things.png

Along with a few things I wish I had 




Dr. Brown BPA Free Bottles The first few months we used the Medela bottle set. I picked them because I had the Medela Breast Pump. It’s not that I hated them. I just did not love them. I boil my bottles OFTEN to ensure cleanliness and the nipples started to wear faster than they should on them. My son also started getting the hiccups often after every bottle and I was concerned. Jakes mom told me about these and since we made the change; we have not gone back. They work with most breast pumps, the Medela included and they have a filter that ensures no air build up. I absolutely LOVE these bottles. They aren’t cheap so register! Register! REGISTER!


Dr Brown Standard Nipples Make sure to add a few sets of nipples as well. You will end up buying more but it’s always nice to have a few set on hand. Especially in the beginning. Make sure to pay attention to the ages they are intended for (levels). For the first 3 months, maybe even 4- you will need to feed your baby with the proper nipple which will provide just the right amount of milk flow.


Munchkin LATCH Bottle Warmer Any bottle warmer will do. I just liked this one because it comes with a basket that safely lifts your bottle from the steamer without the risk of burning yourself.


Medela Easy Expression Bustier If you are breast feeding and will need to use a pump, then I highly & I mean HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a bra meant exclusively for pumping. My insurance covered the Medela Pump In Style so I purchased a bra by the same brand. I recommend needing 2 at least. For a while I only had 1 and I spent far too much time laundering it.

If this feels like something you would rather not register for, I totally get it. I didn’t either. Some things you might not care to open in a room of attentive guests. If that’s the same case for you, use your gift return money to get yourself a few on your own time.


Babymoov Milk & Snack Dispenser  I’ve been ranting and raving over the ZoLi dispenser for a while now but recently, I saw this while shopping on Babies R Us online the other day and I got so excited. They are out of stock right now but I plan to order one once they are available again. You can read my review on the ZoLi Dispenser (a similar product)  HERE.


Munchkin BPA free White Hot Spoons These spoons are awesome! Seriously so great and I need more. They come in packs of different colors & when food is too warm for baby, they turn white! I can’t tell you how many times I have dipped one in a bottle at 3 in the morning when it was too early to trust my own judgment.


Boon Grass Bottle Drying Rack I didn’t get mine at the shower and I second guessed buying it on my “return shopping spree.” I kicked myself for it later and ended up shopping for one eventually anyways. I actually ended up getting myself 2 because I tend to procrastinate at washing bottles. You can always lay a towel down and prop them upside down to dry but the likeliness of them ALL toppling over a few times is pretty much guaranteed. Save yourself the headache and register for one of these babies.


Boon Stem While you’re at it, register for one or two of these cute flower stems. They are in expensive and really come in handy. I hang my bottle nipples and pacifiers from them to give room on the grass for more bottles.


Breast Friend Pillow The boppy pillow is nice because there are multiple purposes for it. Just because I am highlighting the breast friend, doesn’t mean I am saying you shouldn’t register for a boppy as well because I know a lot of mothers loved theirs. But if I am being honest, I never used mine. Not even once! I usually propped my son on blankets just cause it was always more convenient for me. On the other hand, when it came to breast feeding; my breast friend pillow was a God send! Something about being able to snap it on and adjusting it to fit right under the boob made breast feeding a newborn so much easier. I couldn’t have done the first several weeks without it. It even comes with a pocket attached to hold your phone/remote/nookie etc. Nothing is worse than finally getting your baby to latch & then realizing you left your phone on the coffee table 4 feet away from you.



 Snuggle Net Surround Infant Sleeper  Co- sleeping wasn’t pre planned for us. It was something that sort of just happened. You can read more on our story HERE. This snuggle net surround sleeper lets your baby sleep soundly in bed while giving you some peace of mind knowing that they are protected.


Halo Bassinet This bassinet is the one I wish I would have gone with. Let me tell you why! I liked ours, it was beautiful and sturdy and had lots of cool features. It was expensive too. But I came to realize that none of that really mattered; minus the study part. It was hard to move around. I would have to crawl to the end of the bed just to get up and go to the bathroom. It was also huge and took up a lot of space.

I’ve heard tremendous things about the Halo and read fantastic reviews. It’s light weight, sturdy and swivels around making it easy to get in and out of bed with it right next to you. The Halo also has breathable mesh on the side to help prevent suffocation and allows you to be able to see baby better from a far distance. I will definitely want to invest in the Halo for our next baby.


Safety First Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress This mattress fits most standard crib sizes and is Greenguard Certified. It is very firm which is important when looking at a mattress for baby because it helps prevent suffocation and SIDS. The best part? The price. Most organic mattresses cost well over $100.00 which might be over most guests budget. But this one here is roughly only 50.







 Angelcare Bath Support Bather I love this bath seat because I have never had a complaint in the world about it. It’s not overly expensive, It fits in all tubs, it’s easy to store, easy to dry, comfortable for ages newborn- 9/12 mos old & it’s easy to travel with. I talk more about different baths here.


Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat Before you know it your babe is going to be sitting up and NOT sitting still. This bath math works perfect in the average size tub. If yours is a bit larger, I would look at something else such as sticky pads you can scatter along the floor of the tub.


KidCo Bath Storage Basket I talked a little bit about the Munchkin scooper on my bath time favorites not long ago but I recently purchased this caddy basket and love it! You can keep all of your baby bath essentials right there and after bath time leave it to dry. By the time I am back for a shower it’s dried and ready to be stored in the cabinet.


Munchkin White Hot  Another cheap must have to add to your registry is this rubber ducky temp. When you lift it out of the water the bottom will read HOT in white if the water is too warm for babe.



Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer You will absolutely NEED a good thermometer. The head scanners, don’t work. Don’t waste yours or your guests money on them. The best way to get an accurate reading of babies temp is by inserting those regular, cheaper thermometers into the rectum or to just splurge on this ear reader. it’s not cheap but it works.


Little Remedies New Parents Survival Kit I love Little remedies. All of their products have excellent reviews and have worked wonders for my son in a few different crisis’s. Eventually you are going to be making midnight runs to Walmart for relievers but having this on hand helps make that first year run a little smoother.


Fridababy Nosefrida Snot Sucker Want to get a good reaction from your guests? Add this baby to your registry! No really though! I won’t use anything else on my sick baby and NO you are not sucking boogers into your mouth. You’re just using the sucking motion as power to get those little buggers out. There is a filter that stops anything from making it’s way in. I love it because its easy to clean, easy to use and works better than any other nose sucker out there. Every mom needs this.


Orajel This is another one of those emergency life savers that are just good to have ready for when the first hurricane hits.


Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist I can’t talk from experience because we still have yet to purchase one but after doing research I would choose this one. This is one of those products I didn’t think we would really need but turns out we do. I wish I would have added it to my list.


Babyganics Lip & Face Balm My son is currently struggling with his first cold. I’ve started carrying this balm with us everywhere and I love it. I put it on while we are out and right before bed. He seems to like the soothing moisture as well.


Babyganics Sunscreen & Deet Free Bug Spray I was so excited to see this as a duo on because I love both of these products & used them all summer with only excellent results. I even used the bug spray on myself.




Boba Wrap Some of you may have already read my rants & raves over the wraps and why I feel they are so necessary. Infants love being held.. ALL. THE. TIME. This makes a lot of different tasks difficult for new mommas. Such as cleaning, cooking, working out, traveling, poo-bathroom breaking etc. Wraps are light weight enough for you to carry your infant around in without any added stress and they can even be great for putting baby to bed in. I got so much done with my wrap and my son loved it. It was a sad day when he grew out of his.

I specifically recommend the Boba  because it’s the only wrap I have ever tried. I’ve also heard great things about the Moby & that it’s comparable to the Boba. Maybe with the next baby I will check out a few fancier ones but this one is inexpensive and WORKS for me now!


Laura Ashley 4 in 1 Diaper Bag When choosing a diaper bag I recommend going for a back pack style that can be turned messenger bag as well. This Laura Ashley bag is pretty and has great reviews. I also love the Ju Ju Bee & Skip Hop line. For your diaper bag though I would NOT register online. This bag is going to go everywhere with you for the next few years. You are going to want to shop around and really feel out the bag before registering for it. Start testing out options early.


Summer Infant Secure Surround Gate This is one of those personal preference things. I had a bad experience with a fold and go playpen. It just wasn’t easy for me to take apart and put together. Either way you will need something to keep the crawling baby safe and encased when you need to pee or cook or clean!

I like this one because it’s easy to put together and take apart. It’s also meant for indoor and outdoor use and has a gate.


Summer Infant Wide View Digital Monitor I personally own the Summer Infant and I love it. I know some friends that have monitors that link to their phones but I have yet to need that feature. I don’t need it often since our son is still sleeping with us but when he naps it’s nice to carry around with me.


Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper You are going to need some type of portable sleeper/ bathroom break “baby sitter.” This thing came in handy so many times for us. It folds for easy storage and travel. I highly recommend this product.




Safety 1st shade roller I would register for 4 or 2 packs of 2. I’ve had mine on for a month and they are holding nicely.



Brica Baby in- Sight Car Mirror It’s nice to be able to see what baby is up to back there while driving. Babies also love mirrors.


Chicco Urban 4 in 1 Stroller I love love love mine. It’s chic, 4 in 1 so it grows with my baby & has a lot of other really great features. There are a few small things that drive me a little batty sometimes. The wheels tend to lock up easily and the basket is small. It can be difficult getting anything in and out of there when the seat is lifted but overall I am super pleased with this gift.



Baby Einstein 2 in 1 Neptune Set Here’s another 2 in 1 for you!! Activity sets are one of those things you are going to feel like you need a ton of but in reality won’t even have the space for. They take up a lot of room so I recommend sticking to the basics.

A play mat is important for the early stages, before baby can sit up on his or her own. Play mats are great for giving baby time to learn how to play on their own while building basic motor skills.

A saucer comes in handy when baby starts learning to sit on their own and becoming more mobile.


Graco Bumper Jumper Eventually baby is going to start jumping. I love the Johnny Jumpers or other jumper such as this because they can be stored so easily when not in use. They can also move around the house from room to room with you.






Glider I am so glad I splurged on a gliding rocking chair. We started out with an antique one I found at the Goodwill but realized FAST that it wasn’t going to do. This glider has become the ultimate soother for my 8 month old & had my back for every feeding.


Koala Baby Holding Hamper What I love about this hamper is that it’s super lightweight. When it gets full I just fold it and lug it to the wash, dump it and fold it up in a corner till the clothes are dry & ready to be lugged back. It’s inexpensive & cute.


DaVinci Non Toxic Waterproof Changing Pad A lot of moms told me that a changing table isn’t necessary. It might not be but I like ours and I would recommend having a designated spot for the dirty work to other moms as well. I also like having all of my diapers/wipes/lotions/pastes in one location. Our DaVinci pad was a hand-me-down and it’s still holding up perfectly. Most changing pad covers fit but you don’t necessarily need one. I use my Babyganic grime fighting wipes on it all the time.


Organization Baskets Register for as many baskets as you possible can. I have like 9 and could still use more. Babies end up with a ton of crap. Necessary crap but crap nonetheless. It’s nice to be able to organize their bath products, books, socks, hats, diapers, toys, towels, bed sheets, swaddlers… I could go on and on and on.



Dr. Brown Lovely Pacifier and Teether Holder This nookie has become my sons safety blanket. I picked this style nook because it’s entirely silicone and choke free safe. I highly recommend the plush animal attached because it’s harder to lose and easier for baby to hold. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!


Munchkin Nursery Projector  I got this in the mail from a friend after my shower and I am so glad I did. It comes with 3 slides of cute different images/ scenes, 6 song settings & 4 soothing sounds including a heartbeat which my son loved as a newborn. I still need it sometimes to help soothe him to sleep.


Babyganics Fragrance Free Detergent I started using Dreft but then switched over to babyganics recently. I like it because it’s works great with sensitive skin and there are no harsh chemicals. It also doesn’t give off a super strong scent. It just smells clean.


BabyGanics Grime Fighting Wipes These wipes are EVERYTHING! I use them on my sons changing mat, high chair, car seat, toys; pretty much any surface that needs cleaning that he touches.


Huggies wipe clutch I personally do not love/use the Huggies brand but I got this little number at my shower & it ended up being one of my favorite gifts from the day. I refilled it with my Honest & Pamper wipes and take it with me everywhere. I like this more than other on the go wipe containers because it is flexible and will fit in the tightest of spaces.


Aden + Anais Bamboo Blankets I am seriously obsessed with these. Not only do they make swaddling easy but they are excellent, lightweight summer throws as well. A must have for all mommies & babies.


Kidco WhisEars child hearing protection Another one I wish I would have had. I searched and I searched and I searched for a pair of these. Everyone told me online but I didn’t have time! I was a last minute, 4th of July planner this year so take my advice (11 months in advance) you should register for a pair of these! They would have come in handy for a few weddings & other events too.


 did not need.png

There were a few things I got that I really wanted but never actually ended up using. Some products look really great and convenient but once in reality you realize that all they end up being is a waste of money and space. Here is a list of those products for me.

Diaper Pail- Small, expensive, need to buy special bags & you have to pretty much change it every day. I stopped using mine in the first week. It just seemed to be an unnecessary add on to my daily already crazy To Do list. If it’s a really smelly one I just bag it tight and throw it in the trash.

Wipe Warmer & Dispenser – Takes up space, requires and outlet, ends up being a nuisance and my son has never seemed to mind the temp of a normal wet wipe. None of my mommy friends used theirs either.

Baby Towels- Cheap fabric, small, not warm. Sure the hoods are cute but Jake & I have realized that we prefer wrapping our son in our own cozy towels.

Comforter Set – Don’t get me wrong I love ours because it really adds a nice touch to my sons room. But he never has and never will use it. Babies sleep in an empty crib with maybe one light blanket. Try and go for more sets of sheets; blowouts happen more often than you would expect.

Baby Shoes- They are adorable, they really are. But my son never wore any of his. I would only recommend registering for 1 pair boots maybe for the winter or a pair of sock moccasins.

Tons Of Newborn outfits- You’re hardly going to take your baby out & about the first month. You will find that guests LOVE little, itty bitty clothing and that’s ok but save the receipt. They will be in size 6-8 the longest more than likely.

Knee pads- These were designed for a crawling baby & is the most unnecessary product on the market.

Shopping Cart Cover- It sounds and looks like a fabulous idea but just pack yourself some sanitary wipes & save the space in your diaper bag for other necessary items.

brands I love.png& Trust





Big thank you to Babies R Us for always taking care of my son & me every time were in the store. Bigger thank you to Babies R Us in Richfield for teaming up with me this week & giving my followers and other mommas a chance to bond at the event on Saturday. I look forward to seeing everyone!

I hope this post has been insightful & a great help. I wish you nothing but the best during the rest of your pregnancy & much health & happiness for you and your little.


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