Holiday Décor Haul- My Top Christmas Décor Essentials

I know I am not alone when I say that the weekend after Halloween, the Christmas decorations go up. Some people think it’s crazy but in my opinion, I think it’s crazy not to. Christmas décor takes a LOT of effort in my home & it’s simply just too pretty to only be given a month to admire. So in light of the start of my holiday decorating, I put together a little Holiday Haul for you all.


I love greenery because it’s a subtle way of transitioning from Thanksgiving to Christmas and Christmas to the New Year. It adds such elegance to a home and it can set the tone whether you’re decorating with lots of colors or staying more neutral.

Don’t get me wrong of course I have sparkly lights this time of year but I actually use more greenery in my home than string lights for many reasons. One- it uses absolutely no energy. Two- that means NO outlet needed & NO ugly power cords to hide. Three- It lasts forever when cared for properly.


perfect ree.png

Whether you’re a full girl like me or skinny and simple, finding the perfect Christmas tree is crucial to decorating for the Holidays! The tree set’s the tone throughout the home so make sure you display it in the heart of the house, preferably by a window where passing byers can see.


wrapping paper.png

Wrapping paper! Yes! You might be thinking “I thought we were talking décor?” But wrapping paper doesn’t need to be strictly for gift purposes only. One way to get creative around the holidays is by wrapping your wall photos/canvases/useless mirrors etc and turning them into a gift on the wall. It’s a great way to display a consistent theme throughout the entire house.



After all it’s annual light show season. I prefer to dress my home up in sparkle this time of year contrary to how I feel about the electric bill later.


Although I start busting out every fuzzy blanket around the fall, you can guarantee to see cozy wool everywhere in my home in the winter. I live in Minnesnowta though; so what do you expect? Blankets are obviously essential in a home but they make for lovely décor too. Nothing makes your guests feel more at home than a few welcoming blankets to come in from the cold to. “get over here and snuggle me now dang it”


family stocking.png

It wouldn’t be looking a lot like Christmas without them. It’s a tradition that shall live on forever in my home. Buy matching stockings for your family.. or better yet don’t. I personally love the mix and match look and I love vintage!



Most of my followers I think know by now how much I live for a good chalk board quote. You can bet every season and holiday there is something new up on mine. Check out a few of these sweet sayings for yours.



I’ve never been one for the dancing Santa’s or ceramic Frosty’s. I’ve never really loved knick knacks in general but sometimes you just need a festive space filler. I love my Nutcrackers which are beautiful, elegant, chic & perfect for display.



Once the leaves start falling you know it’s wreath season. It’s a perfect welcoming piece to hang on the door, on the fire mantel or above the bed.


holiday glassware.png

I think a beautiful dining table set up is ideal around the holidays. After all it’s the 1 time of year that people really get together to celebrate and eat full course meals.

Holiday Candle.png

LITERALLY Bring all of your décor to life with a fantastic smelling holiday candle.


I hope you all have as much fun as I am going to have decorating this year. Merry Christmas babes.


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