DIY Fur Holiday Wreath

Over the weekend I tackled my first holiday craft of the season & I documented the 2 minute DIY in a quick Instagram video. Watch Here

Yes! This chic, fur, holiday wreath literally took me less than 2 minutes to create. Here’s how.


Wreath Wire

box frames.tiff

Fur Wire Ribbon


Ribbon or Bow



I had gone to Michales Craft store looking for something to make for a family members birthday when I came across some faux fur wire ribbon. It was 70 percent off so I thought why  not? After browsing the isles I got the idea to create a faux fur holiday wreath. I’ve seen these sold in a few stores and they are beautiful, chic & EXPENSIVE so I got obnoxiously excited when I realized I could create my own for less than 10 dollars.

If you are using wired ribbon then this will be easy breezy, no glue necessary as I simply just wrapped the ribbon around the wreath wire. It held nicely on it’s own.

Once the wreath wire is no longer visible, fluff the fur a bit. A brush wouldn’t hurt either. Create a bow out of ribbon and Viola. Holiday perfection.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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