A Wintery Wonder Bar Cart

You guys! Minnesota has lost its mind. No I am not talking about the election. I am talking about the weather! It’s November 18th and I can still see my lawn!

I mean I am not complaining… I would be crazy if I were but I can’t say I have been in much of the holiday spirit with this whole Indian Summer treading all over what should be my winter wonderland!

 And then there was Facebook… building up our first blizzard of the season all week as if today we were all going to be snowed into our little homes with our little families like I wouldn’t have had to go in to work today. (Partial joke because we all know Minnesota management doesn’t give snow days.) But what did I see when I ran barefoot and giddy to the front door this morning? MY LAWN! My cement walking path. A BUNNY! A happy, happy bunny. Apparently I need to watch the news more because the West was hit and they say the Twin Cities will get a few inches this afternoon but till then I am feeling salty. At least my  bar cart is wintery right now.

Enjoy 🙂




At first I had a chalk board hanging above the bar but it felt like the same thing every year. I had this old frame lying around waiting to rotate back into my home décor & decided I would tear out the back and DIY my own little cute Christmas tree sign. It isn’t perfect & I plan to make a few changes to it later but it added a little color which I liked.

Come shop.png


Sincerely Us Christmas Tree Farm Poster & Frame

(I am obsessed with this shops prints right now & am waiting for the right time to buy the perfect one for my home. I will keep you posted when I decide. )


Pier 1 Imports Golden Antler


Dollar Store Faux Pine Garland


Michaels Canadian Pine Garland


Target Stemless Wine Glasses


Target Holiday Shot Glasses


Thank you for stopping by & to all of you Minnesotans that getting hit right now hard with snow, I hope you are keeping warm, safe & merry.


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