SANTAS Cookies Serving Tray

 Happy Monday! Over the weekend Dash & I stayed with my parents while Jake was at the cabin. Mom & I ran up to Michaels & Hobby Lobby for a fun craft night which really turned out to be a success.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve really had a thing for serving trays lately. This summer I shared a personalized one I created out of barn wood See Here. 

Leaving cookies & milk out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve is a tradition loved by many & one that I would love to pass down to my son. There are so many ways to DIY a serving tray & tons of options to make it unique. Today I am sharing how I created a quick & easy serving tray for Santa’s cookies along with 3 CREATIVE, alternative handle options.


I purchased this Pallet Plaque Click Here from Michaels & used a 50 percent off coupon.

I already liked the finish of the wood which made this project SUPER quick & easy. I spent maybe a total of 30 minutes stenciling on the letters. Keep in mind you can create a tray out of pretty much anything. A book, an old cabinet drawer, a larger picture frame- the options are endless.




One creative way to add handles to your serving tray is with these plastic candy cane ornaments. I picked up a bag of six at the Dollar Store. I figured, just one wouldn’t be enough to really carry any weight so I hot glued 3 together side by side. This created a much thicker handle to grab. When securing your candy cane handle be sure to use a E6000 glue! Hot glue will only last so long & will not be able to withstand any weight added to your tray.






15094863_10157799837440297_287588860390915465_n.jpgAnother Dollar Store option is using ribbon. To create this look I only needed 1 roll. I laid the board face down and used hot glue to secure the ribbon to the back as show in the photo above. Once dry, I flipped the board over and tied a bow loose enough to get your hands under & tada! Festive bow handles.




I ended up finishing my tray with drawer pulls purchased from Hobby Lobby for my handles. Normally these are 4 bucks a piece but because they were on sale I got them both for $4.00 which was a steal. They have so many to choose from. I used E6000 glue to secure my handles in place. When using this glue, keep in mind it dries slower. I left these on overnight before I attempted to pick it up. Once dry though it’s on there forever.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this DIY.


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