Top Baby Gifts 2016

I’ve gotten asked multiple times “what should I get my infant nephew or niece for Christmas?” If you’re looking for a unique gift that’s sure to get good use then you came to the right place because today I am sharing my top 10 baby gifts of 2016.

First up, Izzy & Owie Leggings 


I got these leggings when Dash was about 4 or 5 months old. He was probably 15 lbs then & he still wears them at 9 months, 24 lbs. Not only do they still fit but there is still room for him to grow. Even length wise. These are a nylon/ spandex based legging and as ladies we know there aint nothing more comfortable than that.

Ezpz Happy Mat


This silicone placemat makes babies eating experience a little less messy. Although spilt milk is the inevitable & it can’t one handed catch cheerios it helps prevent plate tips. unless your child is a ninja genius & figures out how to peel the mat back. Then your screwed.

Pura Stainless Bottle


Thanks to blogger Bohemianandbarefoot I have been exposed to this game changing baby bottle. You only need one & they give tops that grow with the child. A nipple, toddler spout & then sports top. It’s made of steal which doesn’t hold onto bacteria making it really easy to clean.

Read all about them here.

Columbia Bear Suit


Right around the time I found out I was pregnant, The Today Show shared a very informative video on Car seat safety. Specifically on how dangerous putting a child wearing a puffy winter coat in a car seat is. See video here.

That video gives me serious anxiety but luckily my mom recently bought us this super adorable Columbia bear suit. It’s made of fleece so not super puffy and fits nicely over my sons every day clothes. The suit features bound cuffs with foldover mitts so no more lost boots & mittens. When you buy be sure to buy at least 1 size up to ensure that it fits over the child’s clothing.

Tee-Pee Tent


Recently one of my girlfriends bought Dash a jumbo circus tent and I am obsessed. Not only will Dash love it the older he gets but it really is nice to have something stylish that hides all the mess from the toys.



If you are buying for a friend who is expecting or recently gave birth then I highly recommend the DockATot. Mostly because if I could go back, I would have added this to my registry. I’ve heard only fantastic things & didn’t you hear? The new best way to prevent SIDS they say is to co sleep. The DockATot ensures a safer co sleeping experience.

Oball Classic Ball


this award-winning flexible design allows babies of all ages to grip, catch, and throw a ball with ease. Soft construction and 32 large finger holes make it easy for little hands to grip and play. – Yes I did in fact copy & paste that info directly from the site because how else do I explain this weird ass toy that my son loves so much? 

Baby Einstein Music Box


Car ride life saver.



Haven’t  you heard? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the new Barney.

Modern Burlap Swaddle


My son never liked to be swaddled but I used these blankets like crazy in the summer & spring because they are so light and airy. I’m obsessed with Modern Burlap blankets because they are absolutely stunning. They would make for the perfect gift.


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