Babies First Christmas. Reflecting.

I have the blues today. My son’s first Christmas is over & I am mourning it’s loss. How did this all happen so fast when just this time last year I was dreaming of what this weekend would bring?


And now 1 year later I have a healthy, beautiful 9 month old baby boy.


It was a wonderful weekend with all of our family. Dash received so many toys that it took us an entire day to open, organize & make room for them all. Jake & I also received much more than we could have ever asked for.


It was a weekend for many firsts including Dash’s first time sledding.


It was another Christmas in the books with this guy as well & although I am bummed about this Christmas being over, I can’t wait to celebrate another anniversary & year with him this weekend over the New Year.


God gave me the greatest gift I will ever have the day he gave me this little boy. He gave me a new life, a better life and for that I am eternally grateful. I hope my King, Jesus Christ had a very happy birthday. Thank you lord for another year & the best year at that with my family.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas


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