How to get the best results with the Clarisonic Mia2

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to switch it up on you & share something different. I want to talk about skin care & what the Clarisonic Mia 2 has done for my beauty routine. I have used many other cleansing brushes such as the Clinique sonic & Proactive cleansing brush. In their defense both actually work great but I never really took care of either of them. For Christmas my hunny got me the new Clarisonic Mia2  so I could get back to a healthier fresh faced me & the results have been remarkable!

I’ve never really had the best skin. I was a picker & a popper as a teenager  ( ICK) which caused some small scaring as well as a lot of discoloration, black heads & occasional pimples. I noticed more of this especially after baby. Recently though I decided to take my skin care routine more seriously & put in the work. The result of this? A better face of course & I have to give my Clarionsic a lot of credit for it.


Here is how I got the best results with my Clarisonic Mia 2.


Make time for your skin care routine. You know the whole 2 minute teeth brushing rule? Well it’s kind of like that. You should be focusing on your face in sections. Like the photo from  Cheap Frills & Thrills suggests above, I recommend spending half the time you would on the tougher spots of your face then you would on the most sensitive places. The T timer on your brush will prompt you when to hit the next spot. Turn your brush on, Select your speed & follow these guidelines in coordination with the T timer.

  1. Forehead 20 seconds
  2. Nose & Chin 20 seconds
  3. One Cheek 10 seconds
  4. Second Cheek 10 seconds

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin should you use the more aggressive speed. As someone with normal skin I tend to use the normal speed once daily  & the quick speed once a week for a deeper clean.

Don’t over due it. Part of the reason I think my skin suffered as a teenager so badly is because I over did it. I scrubbed & scrubbed & used so many products on my face that it never got a chance to breathe and or recover. The problem was that I wanted immediate results & I thought going the 10 extra miles would do just that. Of course it back fired & only made my skin worse.

According to Dr. Robb, twice a day is the average recommended usage, but this can vary depending on skin type and lifestyle. “If you have incredibly sensitive skin or have rosacea, you should ease into it,” says Dr. Robb. “Try using the brush once every three days and gradually build your usage from there.”Feb 18, 2015

Now for me I think twice a day is excessive & unnecessary. Every morning I give my skin a light refreshment with a dime amount of cleanser & lukewarm water & top it off with a T spoon of astringent ( I like Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent & Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3) even Targets up & up version does the job which I’m actually currently using. Then in the evening after a bath I use a make up remover Ponds Make Up Remover and then make magic happen with my Clarisonic brush & Clarisonic face wash. I tend to use the normal speed once daily  & the quick speed once a week for a deeper clean.

Make sure you’re using enough face wash & h2o. Make sure when using your clarisonic that you are using enough cleanser. Be sure to use a quarter size to fill up the entire inner circle of the brush. For ultimate pore-cleaning action you must soak your brush in water before using.

DON’T SHARE YOUR BRUSH HEADS this includes your makeup brushes. Ok so makeup brushes; a lot of us girls do it! We think “well she’s clean” but germs are germs. Even if it’s your bestie & we don’t want to share them when our skin is at risk. (I say this after I recently just used a friends makeup brush whoops.)

 I’ve actually had a friend offer her Clarisonic brush to me once. I was complaining about feeling dirty. YES dirty & she still offered to let me use it when heading to shower at her place one morning.  I think she was still drunk….

Clean your brush heads. I clean my brush head after every use or at LEAST every other use. Dr Robb recommends using baby shampoo. Luckily my shower is filled with it so I give it a quick wash every night. This also includes those makeup brushes. I am getting better about this & my skin has definitely seen results from it. Once a week I like to give them a quick wash with baby shampoo & wait till they are fully dry to use them. I like to do this on a week day when I rarely wear makeup.

Clean under the brush. Once a week at least, I pop out the brush head and give everything down under a nice little refresher & dry as well. This will help prevent any unwanted moisture from getting trapped inside causing unnecessary germs.

Change your brush heads. They say every 3 months this should be done. I haven’t made it that far and am hoping following these steps to keep my brush heads clean & well managed that I can extend the longevity of them. I will update you soon on that though. But for now I suggest following the 3 month advice.

Stay clear of exfoliating face washes when using the Clarisonic. Your brush is a tool specifically designed for a deep exfoliating experience. I know it’s human nature not to believe this but believe me when I say there is such thing as too much of a good thing & you can damage your brush with the beads. Try using the Clarisonic face wash that comes with your brush. I was hesitant at first but I actually really love it. I also love the Clinique 3 step system.

Cover your Clarisonic after every use. Each Clarisonic brush comes with a breathable clear cover to protect your brush heads from any extra unwanted germs. Make sure to cover your brush head after every use. The breathable air holes help to prevent any trapped moisture.

Wash your Clarisonic Cover. Here and there give that cover a good wash under some hand soap & let it air dry.

Go light on the moisturizer. Don’t get me wrong moisturizing is apart of my beauty routine of course but since I have cut back on my face lotion, my skin has really cleared up. I like to only use it around my nose and the driest parts of my face & only use once a day at night. Coconut oil is an amazing NATURAL face moisturizer.

Drink up that h20 & eat clean. I have seriously amped up my water game since I’ve started working out & eating healthier. Some of the best foods for radiant, clear skin are- Dark berries, peppermint, nuts, tomatoes & watercress. But the overall key is that h2o. Make sure to consume eight 8 oz glasses of water a day friends! Your skin will thank you.


Give your skin a natural facial once a week by mixing 2 tsp of organic honey & 1 tsp of lemon juice right from an organic lemon itself. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

For more answers on all of your Clarisonic questions Click Here

Cheers to putting our best face forward this year in 2017 pretties.


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