1 year of happiness



It’s taken me a bit to come around to writing this. Maybe because I think if I don’t he will still be the newborn I brought home ( what feels like yesterday.) Or maybe because I’ve been awfully busy trying to keep up with a little human.

Life with a 1 year old is MUCH busier & it picks up more & more every day I have noticed. Yesterday he learned to climb the stairs, this morning he learned how cat food tastes &  although I am nervous I am just as excited for what he will learn tomorrow. Because watching his light bulb go off, watching his curiosity & determination to figure something out & the excitement/ proud look that floods his face when he gets it; is absolutely the most satisfying feeling in the world for a mother.

 Everyone uses the term stop growing or slow down. Really none of us mean this though of course. As mothers we are not all so selfish that we literally want to stop our child’s growth process so that they miss out on all of the exciting things that come with age & maturity. What we really mean is TIME, please slow down. Like everyone I know a lot about wanting time to move quicker. After all, who wants to wait the 90 days it takes to save, plan & book a vacation. If motherhood has taught me anything over the last year though it’s that time really just needs to slow down or better yet, that I need to.

This last year has been the best of my life but I am hoping to top it in the next 365 days. In efforts to achieve this I hope I can slow down. I hope I am able to focus on the where and what I am doing rather than the where and what everyone else is doing. I hope to live slower, take more time for my family & more time for myself. For my son who has accomplished so much this last year I hope continues to flourish in his growth & that I am there to witness it all.

Thank you God for blessing me with this human. The best thing that ever happened to me & the best thing that ever will. Thank you for his health & happiness & for all the love his father & I share. Thank you to every one of our friends and family who have supported & cheered us on. This year has been my year of happiness. Thank you for my happiness Dash Alexander & Jakob Hendrickson.


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