Basil Veggie Croissant


A few days ago I posted my new favorite healthy sandwich to the Instagram story & like Snapchat the photo disappeared after 24 hours. Right away a few people asked me for the recipe.

For the record, I totally stole this off another bloggers IG story but now can’t even remember who to credit. It’s insanely good though & super easy to whip up.

  1. Whole Wheat Croissant – Bakery Section
  2. 2 Tsp Classic Hummus – Produce
  3. 4 Slices Cucumber- Produce
  4. Cherrie Tomatoes Sliced – Produce
  5. 4 Spinach Leaves- Produce
  6. A Pinch & A Half Of Basil  – Produce
  7. Top With Pepper (optional)


I hope you love it.


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