Babies Best Spring Skin featuring Babyganics

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It’s no secret that we love Babyganic products in our family. In the beginning we used Johnson & Johnson till I decided it was important for us to go cruelty free with our shopping. Meaning we try to be mindful of whether a brand & company practices animal testing. Babyganics does not, nor are they affiliated with any other brand that is.

Although you may argue whether the brand is organic or not they do utilize plant based, natural & certified organic ingredients as well as very minimum & carefully selected synthetics & preservatives. If you flip the product over you might notice some of the ingredients are highlighted in green font. These are the ingredients that are certified organic. So if you are like me & believe in the importance of a product that is safe, natural & has a purpose behind every ingredient, than you may want to consider trying Babyganics.

For more answers to all of your Babyganic questions see HERE.

Recently during a trip to Target I decided I would do a comparison between Babyganics & other products like it. They are pricier than Johnson & Johnson but equivalent to the price of J&Js affiliated & higher end brand Aveeno. A bottle of shampoo & conditioner runs roughly 10 dollars for larger bottles, sunscreens & bug sprays run about the same-10 bucks. Their cleaning supplies & laundry detergents are between 7 & 15. Diapers (approximately 25 bucks for 90 diapers) whereas Honest Co runs about 25 bucks for a quantity of 60. Cost aside I’ve come to realize that a little goes a long way with this product. Making it more of an investment than a purchase.

With the arrival of spring & the dry winter air in the past it’s time to put our best skin forward. Our family will be doing that with Babyganics.


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