A Play Kitchen Remodeled

From that


To this


I scooped up this vintage children’s play kitchen at Once Upon A Child about a month ago. Words can’t even describe my excitement. I’ve wanted to repurpose a furniture piece like you see all the time on Pinterest but thought, hell this saves me a few steps why not give it a little tlc & remod? So I took it home after splurging only 15 dollars & got to planning. This was insanely simple & I loved the end result. It may not be the pottery barn one I wanted but it beats the $400 that would have cost me.


First I got online & started looking up adhesive marble (faux) tops & found THIS


It reads 78.74 x 17.70 x 1.75 Inches & shipped true to size.

Then I stopped into our nearest Lowes & picked up a few sheets of peal & stick backsplash tile. Order yours HERE


The rest of the supplies I had on hand

1 Bead Board cut to fit

E6000 Glue

Gray Primer Paint

Metallic Silver Spray Paint

Chef apron & hat is from the Dollar Store

Cookware set is from IKEA

Greenery Wreath is medium sized from Michaels

Faux plant is from IKEA


If I am being honest, I really winged the whole thing. If I could do it over again I would have stayed away from a gloss paint. I’ve never worked with a gloss before but it’s sticky & takes forever to dry. I started with disconfiguring what I could. The stove tops were not coming off  & the sink was cut in so that made things a little trickier but I painted around them. The cabinet itself needed a good 3-4 layers of paint with the gloss… It probably could have used more had I had any more patience left. Oh well.

Once the initial gray was dry I then spray painted the stove tops black & the sink & faucet silver.


I measured the top & cut the adhesive marble accordingly. This part was the most difficult. The nice thing about this product is it’s super forgiving… Easy to lay and adjust if you need to. It’s also super easy to cut. I took a box cutter & cut around the stove top, sink & knobs. All in all, I probably could have made it look 10 Xs better but got a little lazy. So on the edges that looked a little sloppy I just used scrap to blend it. It worked out either way.

The last step was the adhesive back splash which I LOVED working with. I needed a total of 4 sheets for it to extend up like it does. I used a piece of bead board & had it cut to fit & used that to stick the tile to. Once finished, I used E6000 glue to stick it to the back of the kitchen set & left it to dry.


& there ya have it. The end result. Not too bad if you ask me.

Thanks for reading.


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