How to perfectly style any coffee table


A few years ago I made a pallet coffee table & till this day it’s still one of my favorite pieces. Only problem is I now have a mischievous one year old who quickly turned my chic table into a giant hazard zone. SEE HERE

Recently we decided to look for something a little more baby friendly & once again the future MIL scored & incredible find, picking us up an AMAZING trunk that was originally used in the Korean war. It was beautiful & if you follow my IG stories you may have gotten a peek at it. Unfortunately the color didn’t really flow with the style of our room so instead of decorating around it, Jakes mom offered to trade trunks. Prior to the trade I intended to lighten this new one  up with some paint to match the rest of our house but once it was in our living room there was no way I was touching it. The antique bronze is seriously STUNNING & once our new couch was in place the deal was sealed.

Since I’ve started sharing my decor 4 year ago, one of the most common questions I am asked is how to style a table whether it be a coffee table/ kitchen table/ couch table etc so I’ve put together a few tricks I’ve picked up over the years & am sharing them with you today.

When styling your table try to stick to these very simple rules & display 1 of each-


Something Living 

Or if you are like me & can’t keep your greens alive shoot for a faux plant or flower. This will help bring your table to life & give it a little color. I like to use shorter vases, cut fresh or fake flower stems short so that just the head is popping out & pack them in tight. This will also help give fake flowers the illusion that they are real.

Something with quirk

Look for a conversation piece that represents you & your personality. It could be anything really, an antique of some sort or ceramic owl head. I personally loved this gold antler piece I picked up from Hobby Lobby a year ago.

Something with purpose

Let’s not forget what our coffee table is really for… to keep necessary items organized. Try to display something with purpose like drink coasters, magazines etc that are also stylish & flows with the rest of your decor.

Something for oomph

Anything that gives your table a little extra extra* to catch the eye. Whether it be for height, texture, color or all the above. Most people use a tray or basket but you could also use something such as a stack of colorful books or a fancy cutting board etc. For tables with a lot of pieces, try a tray or two as it will help create a neater appearance rather than just looking like a bunch of stuff on the table.

Something with texture 

You can combine this necessary element with another but it’s always good to have something on your table that people just want to touch. This could be like those ceramic cylinders you see everywhere, a textured basket, rolled blanket or even like what I did with a shabby rug draped over the the top. It also doesn’t have to be anything crazy like what I am listing here. Anything to really give your table dimension like shapes & fun colors will do the trick too.

Something with height

Another way to add dimension to your table is by layering different lengths with different pieces. This is very eye appealing which is why a lot of people use 3 different sized vases/ candle holders etc as center pieces.

Something feel good

& By feel good what I really mean is get yourself a pretty & nice scented candle. Nothing creates a cozy atmosphere like a freshly lit candle & some Netflix & chill.


Another thing to keep in mind when putting together the perfect table vignette is how unique you want it to be. Challenge your creativity by taking simple pieces that make a statement about you & turn them into something decorative. For instance if you like baseball, pick up an old mitt & fill it with peanuts. Boom! A serving bowl! Are you a biker? find an old helmet, line it & grow something inside. Are you an alcoholic? I mean wine-o? Put those empty bottles to use by cutting the bottoms off & lighting candles underneath or use as a flower vase. & NEVER underestimate the power of spray paint & the Goodwill.

The last tip I have for you is the simplest yet. Look around & see what treasures you can spot in your own home. What can you repurpose or display to bring character, charm & personality to your table that you already have in your own cupboard. This could be anything such as a vase, teacup, antique, book etc.

Shop it

Trunk– Antique (Try Craigslist, consignments, pop up shops & antique stores)

Shabby Rug– Marshals

Drink Coasters- Nordstoms

Magazines- Cambria Style

Faux Plant-Marshals

Silver Tray- Goodwill

White Rose Candle – Marshalls

Tall Candle Vases- Handed down, I’ve seen similar ones on Etsy & Marshalls.


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