How to find amazing deals using the Mama & Wish apps

A lot of people tell me that they have shopped Wish but have never even seen the Mama app before. The only real difference between the two is the color scheme & how the products are fed. Meaning when you visit Mama, you’re likely going to see more products geared towards mothers & their children right away, whereas Wish is full of trendy new materialistic products- All at STEEP discounted prices. In fact, Mama is powered by Wish & everything you can find on one app can be found on the other.  just like the Wish app your feed will resemble your personal taste once it has gotten to know you. So if you’re scrolling on the Mama app & want to start seeing more personal items for yourself… Just search key words like “Women’s sundresses, Women’s Sunglasses” etc. & your feed will start to catch on that you would like to see more for you AND baby.

Both apps are not only amazing for finding discounted goods for yourself & LOs but for everyone! I have purchased Christmas gifts for the entire family on the Mama app including- hunting attire, pillow cases, cookware & more. ALL great condition at next to nothing prices.

ALL THE TIME people ask me where I got my phone case, a watch, my sons pants & trendy beanies. When I tell them how much I bought it for & then tell them where I got it, their jaws drop! I can’t tell you how many times someone has said something along the lines of “I’ve tried that app once, never got the product” OR “it was the shittiest quality” & if you’re familiar with the apps then you probably are nodding your head like “YASSS GIRL YAS”- MOST of the products sold are out of China but they are not all manufactured out of the same company. Some are there to make a quick buck & don’t give a rats ass about shipping you anything that their promising. Some take more than several months to get the product you paid for actually to you & a lot of the time, don’t even ship you the right color. Well from what I hear the return process is a huge pain in the ass & it’s almost worth it to bite the few bucks you lost. Well here are 3 tips for avoiding these tragic scenarios & finding some SERIOUS deals while using the Mama & Wish app.



The number one key to successful online shopping experience is ALWAYS making sure you’re reading the reviews. Typically I go through & read as many of the reviews as I can get through before adding an item to my cart. With the Mama & Wish app you will find TONS of foreign languages. People all over the world are using these apps. Many times I will find a product & the only reviews it has are in other languages. I always pass on these items. When scrolling through reviews I look for several things. First, how legit does this review sound? Is it over exaggerated & does it sound like it’s coming right out of the suppliers mouth (a fake review)? Second I look for multiple positive comments. You will ALWAYS see someone complaining about something. There are a lot of sour Sallies in the world but if you can find more positive than negative comments then chances are it’s a pretty decent product for the buck. The third thing I look for is not only reviews on the product but reviews on the supplier. Often you will see people write reviews saying they never received their items purchased through a specific supplier which usually means they are very unorganized or one of those quick buck sellers. It’s usually not worth chancing a purchase but I will say that sometimes if it’s under a few bucks, I will take a leap of faith & go for it. The important thing to look for is that you are seeing reviews on the product & that a majority of them are positive.



The number one thing I am looking for while reading reviews are pictures of the actual item I am reviewing. This is HUGE when I am making a purchase because I am actually getting a visual of the real product. Most of the time, suppliers are duping popular items & name brands seen on Pinterest, Etsy & other popular websites so the photos you see on display aren’t always an actual photo of the product they are selling you but usually a duplicate or faux version of what you are seeing. That is part of the reason you are seeing insanely low prices. Don’t let that scare you though. Just be sure to check out pictures in the reviews. I always look for multiple photos before making a purchase.


For additional discounts, check out an item that you are interested in two or three times before cashing in. For even better success? Go ahead and add the item to your cart & then delete it later. Don’t worry about losing that item & or that deal. The more you click the more the price should go down. Once you have checked something out, automatically it will appear in your feed the next time you are shopping the app & 99 percent of the time I have noticed the price has DROPPED.

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