A Hunkiedorie BEEuTEAful Brunch


It’s no secret that I have the worlds greatest girlfriends & one of them is just about as creative as it gets. Emmie, with Hunkiedorie blog & I go way back. We share plenty in common such as our love for champagne, arts & crafts & blogging. Check her out HERE


Emmie is notorious for her delicious recipes & detailed reviews on all of The Twin Cities local hot spots & restaurants. If you’re from around here or even looking for something snazzy to mix up in the kitchen; you HAVE to give her a page a look.

Every year Emmie hosts a fabulous fall get together for all of her girls and guys at the hunk house. This is the one time of year I take picture taking as serious as I did my senior prom. IT’S A BIG DEAL! You can take a look at this past years party HERE

This past weekend though Emmie decided to start a new tradition, hosting the first ever Hunkiedorie BEEuTEAful Ladies Brunch. I only snapped a few shots of the party since I spent most of my time trying to keep a 1 year old occupied but as always.. she was sure to not disappoint her guests.

18835776_10158793833530297_3323389441380189175_n18881853_10158793833440297_6633693991316304299_n18839069_10158793836415297_3272857020317514866_n18839155_10158793835785297_1512566885566797360_n18814210_10158793835995297_2356245694322237695_n18814139_10158793835815297_5057445173382873635_n18814171_10158793835635297_6996520773517869218_n18740491_10158793836335297_877583519736179602_n18920582_10158793835450297_3252960571256447185_n (2)18839160_10158793834270297_1477281287446623300_n18892948_10158793834300297_4378738682085165968_n18835955_10158793834575297_530435105549649644_n18920404_10158793834545297_4752364148792498740_n18836059_10158793835230297_5530392265517142994_n18835894_10158793834015297_2451374060689289057_n18835692_10158793834000297_302756330566924767_n18835787_10158793834735297_8419342724780514691_n18814208_10158793834760297_88025810788315342_n18767908_10158793835200297_1334606046056266404_n18921869_10158793833655297_6910847834838663263_n18892996_10158793833795297_752612806685758633_n

For all the details & more pictures of Emmie’s brunch be sure to follow her on Instagram & facebook Hunkiedorieblog for an update of her Brunch entry coming soon to hunkiedorieblog.net



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