An Inexpensive Gallery Wall Feat Dollar Tree


So when we were moving into our new home back in July I had this plan to decorate with a new style in mind & because of this I decided to toss/ give away most of my precious rustic / shabby chic pieces and well since then I have preferred to spend my money elsewhere because EHHH it’s summer and this time of year just tends to be a money sucker what with weddings / celebrations / patio season and all. So now I am here in my empty bare home that I am slowly but surely making a cozy sanctuary.

Something I had originally intended to do was create a black and white gallery wall but um.. was super naive about what it would actually cost me. 11 x 18 frames don’t come cheap and the photos themselves don’t either the larger in size you chose to go. Luckily the internet is a wonderful thing & I found that the dollar tree sells same size frames with the modern edge I was looking for. SQUEEL!

Unfortunately when I arrived to my store I found the largest they sell are 8 X 10’s I personally am too impatient to order online cause gurrlll.. when I have my mind set on getting something done I am getting it done. Half ass or not, I am proud of the overall completion. Check it out-











For the prints I went with 5 x 7s & the process was pretty easy. When looking at the pictures you will see that I took everything out of the frame including the back. I used a pliers to detached the prongs by simply pulling upwards and twisting ever so slightly. I glued the glass into the frame itself so that it wouldn’t budge once dry. For this I used E6000 glue but you can use gorilla or even hot glue.

The total? Roughly 21 bucks & sure it’s not perfect but I think if I add 3 more there at the bottom it will be a real inexpensive show stopper. What do you think?


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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