On The Edge Of Change – A Look Back At 2017 & My Vision For A New Year


Every New Year I set the same goals for myself. You know- The typical lose weight, be less awkward, eat more vegetables, work out more & every year I fail myself. 2017 has been a very eye opening year or in better words – it wasn’t a bad year but it wasn’t a great year either. This year was important though. I’m gonna call it-the year of limbo, opportunity & reconciliation.

Limbo- because although I have spent this year feeding my brain with knowledge on mental health, physical health, blog & business mastery, I have yet to take action (other than baby steps) in any of these areas. Let’s just say, my soul has been awakened but she’s still on her first cup of coffee!

Opportunity- because I’ve been feeding myself all of this knowledge. The Lords been so good to me this year & he’s lead me to all of these tools I need to exceed in 2018. He’s given me podcasts, online resources, books, magazine articles, access to some pretty amazing people & my current job which I don’t necessarily love but am gaining tons of experience within a field that’s closely built around my passions. This job is also not only paying the bills but finances this blog, giving me the opportunity to create more content for myself & all of you.

Reconciliation- You might be wondering who I have reconciled with. Listen; I have spent 25 years battling myself & to be honest I don’t know if we will ever be the best of girlfriends. Like most of us, I often wake up and look in the mirror & see a person who isn’t good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, funny enough etc etc. Becoming a mom was the best thing that ever happened to me but it didn’t do a whole lot for my self – confidence. That body I used to hate, I would kill for now! My loud personality, I don’t want to say it’s gone but it now comes in waves. Most of the time it’s replaced with exhausted, half -hearted smiles & conversations & an awkward joke here & there! But with that, I have found a lot of peace with not only this new version of myself who – (despite the awkward jokes & few extra lbs. – I’ve actually really grown to like) but the old version of myself as well. Sure I might say aloud often I miss the old me & not to contradict myself or anything but said “old me” actually, kinda, really sucked other than the flat stomach & perfect boobs. I was my own worst enemy & it wasn’t until I took a pregnancy test & learned my whole life was about to change that I realized it was time for me to figure out how to start loving myself before I could give any love to a child & it’s father. & That’s what I did! I reconciled with the old me & started a better relationship with the new. Jake happened & then Dash happened & then I happened. My life, my daily aspirations all changed. In 2017 after all of the happiness & changes that 2016 brought me; I became reliant on myself & those who stuck around & consistently stayed around. I’ve put first those who have put me first. I’ve rid myself most of those I felt brought bad energy, low vibrations or negativity. I let go of the past & all the things I had been embarrassed of for so long. I’ve forgiven who I was & have given grace to who I am now. I may not be totally in love with myself but I’ve came a long way & my plans for 2018 are solely centered around building a better relationship with myself & loving who I am.

So now that I’ve spilled my heart & soul to all of you on everything 2017 let’s talk the New Year. YOU GUYS! I have never been so inspired & sure in what’s to come as I am now… So safe to say; shits about to get seriously fucking fabulous in 2018! (Excuse my profanity but there is no holding back in this coming year)

Healthy Mind –

Here’s a curve ball! Since every year I strive to get physically fit & every year I fail; I have decided to put mental health in front of the physical. How can my body be healthy if my mind isn’t? I can thank 2017 for this discovery. So how exactly am I going to focus on my mental health this year? I plan to practice meditation, read more, focus on a nightly routine that has me in bed by 9:30 pm. Create a morning routine that will set me up for a better day. Eliminate soul draining scrolling on social media & use that time spent creating more content & building a better blog. Surround myself with people who exude higher vibrations & work towards a healthier relationship with myself every single day by exploring my capabilities & acknowledging my self-worth.

Follow The Vibrations

You might already be getting sick of hearing the words vibration & energy but that is legit what 95 percent of 2018 is going to be about for me & seriously you guys if you aren’t thinking about it yourself then chances are that might be the reason why you are unhappy. In other words YOU NEED TO APPLY THIS TO YOUR LIFE. You need to start finding ways to tune into your energy. Dig way down deep and find that volume button in you and turn it up. Now this can be extremely hard to do depending on the people around you, your job, daily habits & sleeping patterns which is why it’s important for me to get my mental health right and continue to illuminate those who exude low vibration & negative energy. We’re all chameleons here… slowly we become alike with those who we surround ourselves with. Its science & human nature. 2018 for me will be all about defying what’s negative around me. I want to chase the energy & those whose vibrations I strive to match. As for those whose energy I am running from, if they mean a lot to me it’s my goal to raise their frequency as well by being one giant hurricane of positivity. You know the phrase “a smile is contagious right”? If you’re still wondering what all of this means then YOU HAVE to listed to the Style Your Mind Podcast by The Champagne Diet Blogs writer – Cara Alwill Leyba. Specifically episode 48- How to get into a High Vibration. SO GOOD!

Everything in this world is made up of energy – we are made up of energy. & The type of energy you choose to tap into everyday will either change your life drastically or will suck the life right out of you – Cara Alwill Leyba; Style Your Mind Podcast

More Business Endeavors

2017 was an exciting year for the blog. I rebranded for the second time & went from Midwestern Mom Blog to what you see now as Cassie At Home. I hosted two events when I teamed up with Babies R Us, GiGi Cupcakes & the fabulous Alycia Faye Photography. I did a couple collaborations with some pretty amazing brands & learned a ton about the blogging world, who I am as a writer while gaining a pretty clear understanding of what I want Cassie At Home to be. For 2018 I hope I leave all the fear I had this year in the past. This year will be all about taking chances & doing without fear of failure.

Balance & Organization

A major goal of mine this year is finding the balance. Between being a mother, working full time & blogging I struggle to find time for everything I am craving that will benefit my mental and physical health but have had no idea how to make time for any of it. Obviously one of my goals for this next year is to make more time for fitness but first I need to learn how to prioritize my time better and get organized. This last year I’ve dipped my toes in a lot. I’ve tried cycle bar, hot yoga, bigger gyms, smaller gyms, shake diets & a handful of at home work outs but couldn’t stick with any of them because of my poor organization and disinterest in prioritizing my health. Same goes for blogging, It’s common for me to get real dedicated to a blog post and then lose interest in finishing or shooting content that they go forever unseen. That needs to change in 2018 so to do this I plan to start writing everything down. I ran up to Marshals the other day and picked myself up a handful of notebooks, calendars and agendas. I hope that by setting goals on paper and setting dates with myself that this will help get my health and blog back on track.

Quality Of Life Is Everything – Dr Mona Van On The Skinny Confidential Him & Hers Podcast

So what are these tools I keep mentioning that I have used this last year to prepare myself for my upcoming life and business endeavors? I’m thrilled you’re still here for me to share them with you! I’ve stumbled on a lot of really great advice & suggestions I’ve found from others online mostly. These are all things I’ve already taken an applied to my life & have seen serious results already with the help of them.

Meditation – This is one of those things that always sounded so magical to me but every time I tried it on my own I felt lost, confused & like a total and utter fool. About 5 months ago I was introduced to a FREE app called Insight Timer and seriously.. TOTAL GAME CHANGER! On this app you will find thousands of free therapy music, sounds and guided meditations. 5 months later I still can’t meditate on my own but with this app I’ve been able to bring myself to a relaxed state & higher vibration much quicker than ever before. At night depending on what my body needs, I’ll either fall asleep to a relaxing symphony specifically designed for a deeper sleep OR will turn on a guided meditation, letting the voice hypnotize myself into rest. Although I initially downloaded this app to help with sleep I have found this useful towards my morning and writing routines as well. One major thing I was struggling with when it came to writing was setting the tone while a toddler ran ramped or Mickey Mouse Club House play in the background. Now I simply grab a pair of headphones, find a calming meditation playlist & can drift into a writing coma much quicker.

I highly recommend this app for anyone who would like to slowly learn meditation, writers or for any of you who have trouble falling asleep or live with anxiety & or depression.

Podcasts-  Honestly, if anything this last year has changed my life it would absolutely be that little purple podcast app. I was introduced to this by a coworker 2 year ago when she got me hooked on a little thriller called Serial.  About a year later I was hooked again when I stumbled on now one of my favorite bloggers Lauryn Evarts podcast with husband Michael Bosstick The Him & Her Podcast   which is a lifestyle, health and wellness show geared towards men and women who aspire to live their best lives.  Their show has now lead me to many other channels which gives me all the inspo and motivation I need each day to persevere with my blog and lifestyle goals. Another way for me to rev my energy, & kick start my day with a high vibe is by turning on one these amazing FREE podcasts. –

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Style Your Mind  (This one is my favorite at the moment I LOVE Cara.

Healthy Habits Happy Moms

The Influencer Podcast

The Daily Boost

Books- So I am slowly getting back into reading again. Jake doesn’t believe me, but in High School I read like a maniac. Obviously not text books.. No I was more of a thriller / young adult novel addict. My favorite? An oldie but goodie – V.C Andrews! Anyways that all stopped in my early twenties & getting back into the habit of reading before bed has been a challenge. So far I’ve maybe got a total of 3 hours of reading in in’ the last idk… 3 weeks? Pretty bad I know but I am hoping that I can really get back into a space where I can read a few chapters a night before bed. In this world of Social media it’s so easy to fall into the disease of scrolling till you can no longer keep your eyes open. I can’t even imagine how much damage I have already caused my eyes and the brain cells lost over the last 4 years obsessing over Instagram & Facebook. YUCK right? One book I HIGHLY recommend that I have read this year and LOVED is You Are A Badass !  My book list for 2018 goes as follows (& trust me, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things on all of these) –

Big Magic

Girl Code

Glamify Your Goal

I Am That Girl

Get Over Your Damn Self

The Champagne Diet

Style Your Mind

Fitbit- Lastly I wanna talk a little bit for a minute about my fitbit. Mine was a gift and it’s been a real pain in my ass & a huge motivator at the same time. If I am being truthful today is the first day I’ve put it on in about two weeks & in these last two weeks I’ve felt a lot of low energy, low vibration & low self esteem. I guess I took it off mostly because I didn’t want to be held accountable during the holidays but now that it’s back on I am feeling more ambition to follow routine, eat healthier & get better rest. I currently wear the newest Fitbit Charge 2 which tracks my heart rate & sleeping patterns as well as how many steps I take a day. Seriously who would have known how few steps I was taking?! I was embarrassed for myself the first day I wore it. Now that I know how easy it is to not get my 10-15k steps in, I have made it a priority to take several walks a day and am motivated to make more time for fitness, obsessing over keeping a healthy, resting heart rate. As for sleep, this device has changed my sleep routine immensely! Seriously! Nothing gets my day moving like waking up, checking my Fitbit app & seeing a healthy 8 hours of rest!

Here’s to leaving 2017 with more knowledge, more happiness & more love for myself. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings to Cassie At Home. To all of you who have found my blog, continuously giving support with your clicks, likes & encouraging comments & messages; THANK YOU! I keep going because of it. I hope you have a safe & fabulous NYE. I’ll see you next year.




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