We’re ENGAGED!!!

Happy Friday Eve & EEEEEK! yes! YOU READ THAT RIGHT! We are getting MARRIED!!

On Sunday, March 4th the love of my life FINALLY popped the question I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to hear! In utter shock I managed to hit the world record for “are you being serious’s” & finally managed to scream yes as he slipped the most beautiful ring onto my left hand In front of our family, friends & most importantly our mini miracle – we got engaged & I’m still slowly coming out of the haze of newly engaged blissfulness.

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The day started in celebration of our sons second birthday. Family & friends gathered together to surprise our little man with love & fun but by the end of opening gifts I was the one being surprised! Jakobs “Thank you speech” turned into the most beautiful words I had ever heard. SO beautiful.. neither of us remember them! AHHHH I literally blacked out! But I was so happy! I’m still so happy & I just can’t believe that I finally am marrying my best friend! My soulmate! MY PERSON! YOU GUYS!!!!!! I am getting married!!!

Thank you for being patient in my absence. Since the engagement we’ve celebrated with our closest family & friends & sealed our venue & date! Mr, Mrs & Mini Hendrickson coming June, 22nd 2019 ❤


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