& I am 26 years old. I am a mother, lover, crafter & DIY enthusiast living in suburbia Minneapolis. I love creative writing, vintage décor with a chic twist, champagne & taking pretty pictures.

Outside of blogging I am just your everyday average mom. I work full time Monday- Friday as a cabinet & closet designers assistant & spend my off time entertaining a toddler & nonstop sweeping dirty floors. In the midst of all the chaos & joy motherhood has brought, this blog is my me place. It’s where I express the things I enjoy, company I keep & people I love.

I may have started blogging 3 years ago out of a 1 bedroom bachelorette pad but I’ve been practicing since middle school. School books were never my thing but magazines were. I couldn’t figure out numbers & even though spelling wasn’t a niche of mine words were. Bold & colorful letters, prints, fabrics & photography. Creative writing was my thing. Creativity is my thing! I remember ripping pictures out of magazines, taping them to pages in a blank notebook & writing my own articles. . While everyone wanted to play school house, I was the editor & chief, art director & advertising executive for my very own make-believe magazine.

So what does this have to do with blogging & how I got here now? Everything! You see I didn’t just wake up one morning, check Instagram & fall for the glamour of other bloggers picture perfect lives & think I can do that! It was more of an opportunity for me to do everything I always wanted to do my own way, on my own time. Although it’s nice to know I am no longer talking to myself; I didn’t care if I had readers or not. It’s never been about that & in fact for the first year; almost two years it was just me, myself & my mom. Stats were as low as 3 views a day & when it got bigger I knew more than half were really just nosey peers looking up what I had written out of curiosity or for a good laugh. But that was ok because at the end of the day it was never for them. It was never for anyone really. I’m just playing editor & chief, art director & advertising executive for my very own make-believe magazine & I am having a blast doing it.

With this blog, I hope you will find inexpensive inspiration for your home, answers to all of your motherhood questions,  product reviews & a deep understanding in the love I have for the simple & yet so very fulfilling life I live.

Thanks for stopping by.