They Said YES- My Bridesmaid Proposals

They Said YES- My Bridesmaid Proposals

I am the luckiest girl in the world today- because not only am I saying yes to the most handsomest man in the world; but my best friends all officially said yes to me! I can honestly say that before all of this; I truly had NO idea how nerve racking it would be to ask these girls such a major question. I mean, these are my girls! Why wouldn’t they say yes? But as much of an honor as it is to be a bridesmaid we all know it can be taxing on the schedule & the financials. So with that being said I am incredibly honored to get to spend the next year planning & doing all the bride things with them by my side. XO LOVE YOU BABES.

I wanted to ask my girls in a cute way because “obvi pinterest goals!” But I wanted to give them something they might actually use. I was on a time crunch because two of my girls currently are living on the other side of the world, one back packing & the other residing in Peru serving in the peace corp. One was visiting for only a few weeks before leaving again till Christmas and my MIL was sending my SIL her next care package & I was determined to get her proposal shipped with it. I decided to run up to Michaels Craft for some inspo and came across these super adorable, heavy duty planners. It’s funny because initially (being the queen of agendas) I was actually looking for myself but while browsing it hit me that it could actually be a really fun way to ask the girls if they would “pencil me” & be huge part of my special day.

These planners ran at 30 dollars a book however Michaels is always running deals & coupons. If you are a budget friendly bride like myself I recommend stopping by the store daily to buy one or two so you can really get a bang for your buck with their daily coupons. The planner I picked is linked above and is currently on sale for 15 dollars. So hurry JUMP if you love what you see. They are SO well made with tons of great features & I actually ended up purchasing one of the larger sized ones for wedding planning.



In the past when being asked to be bridesmaid or PA I found myself having so many questions right away for the bride! Right after letting her know I was saying yes I always jumped to the fun details like how should I have my hair? What color are we wearing? What do I need to do with my nails? Who else is in the wedding? I know I am a year out & being that I am a SUPER indecisive person there may need to be few changes but I wanted to give my girls sort of an idea of the plan. I created a rough vision board & included details of the venue. I also provided swatches of the colors I was thinking & cards with detailed information of my vision for their hair, makeup & accessories. The girls loved this touch.

I will be taking a slight break from the blog for the next 12 or so months. Although I plan to try & keep you posted on wedding details and DIY’s I want to truly bask in this year and use it to plan & be present with my family. I love all of my readers & have sincerely appreciated your support of this sweet but little platform of mine. I’m so excited excited to share the next chapter of my life with you all. I have a feeling that the best is truly yet to come. EEK. Thanks for always being there for me!

XO Casskiss


Dash Turns 2 – A Modern Mickey Mouse Club House Party

Dash Turns 2 – A Modern Mickey Mouse Club House Party

Hey you! I can’t believe I officially have a 2 year old! Some of you new readers might not know this but originally when I started this blog it’s name was Midwestern Mom. I started it when I was only a few months pregnant in hopes to create a space that was dedicated to all things mom & baby. Well since then, I’ve grown & rebranded but it’s crazy to think that this space all started because of my little man. Since then I’ve shared our gender reveal, our birth, his first birthday & now here we are 2 years later talking about his SECOND BIRTHDAY! Time SERIOUSLY flies.

The last year has been ALL about Mickey so it was only right that we would throw an all out Mickey Mouse Bash!



I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend.



We’re ENGAGED!!!

We’re ENGAGED!!!

Happy Friday Eve & EEEEEK! yes! YOU READ THAT RIGHT! We are getting MARRIED!!

On Sunday, March 4th the love of my life FINALLY popped the question I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to hear! In utter shock I managed to hit the world record for “are you being serious’s” & finally managed to scream yes as he slipped the most beautiful ring onto my left hand In front of our family, friends & most importantly our mini miracle – we got engaged & I’m still slowly coming out of the haze of newly engaged blissfulness.

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The day started in celebration of our sons second birthday. Family & friends gathered together to surprise our little man with love & fun but by the end of opening gifts I was the one being surprised! Jakobs “Thank you speech” turned into the most beautiful words I had ever heard. SO beautiful.. neither of us remember them! AHHHH I literally blacked out! But I was so happy! I’m still so happy & I just can’t believe that I finally am marrying my best friend! My soulmate! MY PERSON! YOU GUYS!!!!!! I am getting married!!!

Thank you for being patient in my absence. Since the engagement we’ve celebrated with our closest family & friends & sealed our venue & date! Mr, Mrs & Mini Hendrickson coming June, 22nd 2019 ❤


My Top Diaper Bags & The JuJube BFF Review

My Top Diaper Bags & The JuJube BFF Review

Review Summery; Product: Ju-Ju-Be BFF Diaper Bag in Queen Of The Nile Stars Out Of Ten: 9 stars Comments: Great bag for shorter trips, too small for longer days with an infant but perfect all around when traveling with a toddler! Super Stylish. Comfortable fit. Highly recommended.

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Hey Momma 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Today I wanted to get into diaper bags. I recently started writing this review almost a year ago but never got around to finishing it for whatever reason. The nice thing about that? It’s been two years & I can still confidently say I am absolutely in LOVE with this bag! There has been ZERO wear & tear, zero complaints & after giving it time to experience the infant stage as well as toddler – I can say that this bag has exceeded every expectation through infancy as well as the toddler era. YAYY right?

This bag comes in many different styles from fun patterns like The Duchess to a more neutral look like The Monarch I personally own Queen Of The Nile which I felt was the best of both worlds. Features include a matching memory foam changing pad, mommy compartment in the front, 2 exterior insulated bottle compartments, it’s machine washable and can be worn as either a back pack or messenger bag. Every time me & my little man hit the town I get a dozen compliments & it’s pretty obvious why! It’s charming, fun & very fashionable. My favorite part? This bag can easily be dressed down OR up – whether you’re packing up for a day at the park or taking the family out to a nice dinner it honestly works with everything.


I love the backpack. It’s the most comfortable way to carry around a bag while holding a car seat. The option to wear it as a messenger bag is also super convenient. It’s overall an extremely comfortable wear with it’s wide memory foam straps & light weight carry.

The bag has plenty of pockets to keep you extra organized. There is also a “mommy pocket” located outside of the bag for easy access which can hold all smart phones, medium or smaller sized wallets, sunglasses and keys.

The Bottle pockets are located on either side of the bag & comes insulated with Thinsulate by 3M to keep your items hot or cold.

The bag zips all the way down to open wide which makes packing pretty easy breezy.


When I was shopping for a bag I did not realize how much crap I would be lugging with me everywhere. This bag is perfect for everyday trips to the store, park, mall but not necessarily ideal for an entire day deal. It’s not something you can throw a cooler of bottles in along with the rest of yours and your infants belongings but it’s nice once your child hits toddler age.  

 I absolutely love my JuJuBe if your interested you can find this line at stores like Nordstoms and most Buy Buy Baby’s or find a retailer near you; just Click Here. She’s the ideal mommy accessory

D1E3DC3B-9E40-49BC-98FC-4B3F28D066B101B691EB-813C-4986-A19D-471405A1B48F850F7B2A-BD93-483E-8554-33CBDB72A6F6DCDBAEAB-96C2-422E-82BF-DC426F4B64A1Now that I have given you the run down on the bag I love; I wanted to touch base on a few others I’ve spotted & been envious of.

diaper bags


The HapTim Multi – Ok so spotted this babe on new momma & my girlfriend the other day & after checking it out I couldn’t believe the price. She loves the structure, multiple compartments & that it’s a backpack.


HAPP Paige Caryall in dusty rose is giving me all the feels right now with it’s sleek, stylish look & color. What I envy most is that you can carry her as a handbag but also as a backpack. So convenient. There are 4 large compartments large enough to fit diapers & necessities as well as two bottle pockets & even built in stroller straps. PS – Who else is melting over the gold hardware? ! ? !

lilli jade

Lily Jade carries a wide range of beautiful, stylish diaper bags that are well made, modern & super convenient for the every day momma. I love this rosie camel & gold in the brown leather, not to mention the super adorable tassel & charm.

kate spade

Oh the Watson Lane Bethany Baby Bag- The desire & need I feel for this bag is SOOO real! If there were a back pack function then this so would have been mine but eh maybe someday I’ll bite the bullet & buy her. I am truly obsessed with the look & the convenient compartments & stroller clips & hello.. You can never go wrong with Kate Spade anything.

fawn design

Fawn Design was big with the mommy & fashion bloggers in 2017 & I took major notice! I actually had it prepped and ready to go in cart when they were offering the Cara Loren addition but decided to calm the F down & save my money. I love the sleek look, large compartments & messenger / back pack options.

bag insert

The Life In Play Totesavvy Diaper Bag Insert- Not gonna lie, I mentally invented this before discovering that someone else had already done so before me & till this day- I am a little salty about it. Anyway; it’s genius right? It’s an insert that fits into most purses turning your stylish Louis into a fabulous & convenient diaper bag.


& That’s a wrap. Thanks again for stopping by. I hope this post has given you some great advice & or inspo while shopping for your next diaper bag. Treat yoself momma! You deserve it!

XO Cass kiss

Ice Castle 2018 Diary & Look Book

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Google Image
Google Image


Hey you! 🙂 Happy Monday! Yesterday we checked out the Stillwater MN Ice Castle & although I didn’t get a lot of photos from our visit I wanted to share the few that we had. If you’re in State; there are a few locations available as well as others around the Midwest. SEE HERE for more information.

Our trip was shorter than we planned (it had already been a long day) but I recommend this attraction for everyone! It’s a great place for family, friends, first dates, & proposals! It really is breath taking & there are fun things to do while you’re there like the ice slide, fire shows, ice bar & more! There’s drinks & sweets to help keep you warm & it’s obviously Instagram worthy. Just DONT forget to dress for cold weather & don’t forget it can get slushy & wet! Thank GOD for my mom who came prepped with snow pants for Dash because I didn’t do my research before our visit! – This was sort of a last minute thing in my defense! Boots, snow pants, jackets, gloves & hats are necessary! If you’re going mainly for pictures I recommend Day time but night is where the real eye pops at! When the sun sets the castle lights up!!

Thanks for stopping by

XO Cass kiss


Our Valentines Day 2018

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Happy Valentines Day babes! Seriously; how cute is this little guy? We spent the night painting our valentines & writing love letters on the bathroom mirror to each other & he LOVED IT! Sometimes it’s just fun to break the rules & go crazy with moms never-used lipstick ya know what I mean? & Really.. I was never going to use that lipstick anyway! If your anxiety is at a high right now let me put it at ease by saying this was actually SUPER easy to clean! Nothing a little windex couldn’t handle!

Our valentines tonight were these cute canvases we made inspired by good old Pinterest NannySheCanDo – Thanks for the great idea!


I hope you all have a love filled day ❤

XO Casskiss

New Spring Favorites With Kate Spade & Rae Dunn

New Spring Favorites With Kate Spade & Rae Dunn

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Ok I might be a little behind in the hype but I am loving Rae Dunn & Kate Spade right now and am wanting it all this spring! My go to spot for home decor has always been Marshals because lets be real the prices are always so on point & I’ve never left disappointed! Check out these cuties I picked up last week!

Shop My Finds kiss

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