Bachman Holiday Idea House 2017

Hello weekend vibes!! Seriously.. this week may have been the longest ever so I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be back at the blog & cozied up on my couch with a hot cup of coffee 🙂 Last year I was introduced to the Bachman Idea house. If you live in the twin cities then you may be familiar with their stores. They are one of the largest retailed Gift, Garden & Floral centers in MN with 6 locations. Every year you can buy tickets (5 bucks a head) DETAILS HERE for an inspiring tour of the Bachman Historic Family Home off Lyndale in Minneapolis. You can find inspiration and tons of holiday decorating ideas in every room which is set up differently using all pieces you can find and purchase in their store. In other words… It’s like taking a tour through Pinterest at Christmas Time. Check it out for yourself.

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At Home With Me For Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone! Welcome back and happy holidays! If I am being honest, I’ve never really been one for Thanksgiving. In fact most years after Halloween I skip over it entirely diving head first into Christmas. Yep…. I’m one of those! But do you wanna know my real issue with it not being socially acceptable to decorate for Christmas before Black Friday? …. It’s pretty reasonable if you ask me.. so reasonable not even my thanksgiving loving bestie can even argue it! It’s the fact that Christmas ONE is stunning… so stunning that I feel like the holiday deserves more than just 30 some days to be enjoyed. AMIRIGHT? SECOND is that it’s damn hard work to get it looking that stunning. I mean the lights, the tree, the garland… Did you know that on average; most Americans spend between 42 to 72 hours prepping and decorating their homes for this time of year? No.. you probably didn’t because I made that up. It is however how much time it takes me, my mom & my grandmother so I mean… must be the same for most everyone else right?

Anyways back to it before I lose ya ! 😉 This year I think I found a good healthy balance between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just enough twinkle to enjoy for the holidays with enough white pumpkin to be thankful for. Enjoy XO

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2017 Fall & Halloween Home Décor Tour

EEk hi loves! I am back & today I am combining two of my absolute favorite things; Halloween & home decor. As most of you already know, this time of year is by far my favorite. I start getting the itch to decorate right when September 1st hits. I know.. call me crazy but what’s not to love about the fall?

Decorating per season isn’t always easy when you are on a tight budget but I have found there is a lot of magic to be created with a few bucks, a local Goodwill, the Target dollar section & a little bit of paint. So without further ado, my festive fall-esque home. I hope you enjoy!

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An Inexpensive Gallery Wall Feat Dollar Tree


So when we were moving into our new home back in July I had this plan to decorate with a new style in mind & because of this I decided to toss/ give away most of my precious rustic / shabby chic pieces and well since then I have preferred to spend my money elsewhere because EHHH it’s summer and this time of year just tends to be a money sucker what with weddings / celebrations / patio season and all. So now I am here in my empty bare home that I am slowly but surely making a cozy sanctuary.

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Farmhouse Shelving; An inexpensive Spin


Tuesday blues are definitely going  to be a thing all day; for me especially while I try to wrap my head around the list of to do’s I have in the office not to mention the to do list I have waiting for me at home. Moving was NOT fun & with 4 & 1/2 days off you would think I’d gotten a lot done but mmm… not really.

So we are still living out of boxes & my tooth brush is currently MIA but I got these amazingly fabulous shelves up on my kitchen wall so for a minute there I felt pretty accomplished. The best part? BOTH shelves including the brackets and screws didn’t cost me more than maybe 7 bucks !! Here’s how-

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