They Said YES- My Bridesmaid Proposals

They Said YES- My Bridesmaid Proposals

I am the luckiest girl in the world today- because not only am I saying yes to the most handsomest man in the world; but my best friends all officially said yes to me! I can honestly say that before all of this; I truly had NO idea how nerve racking it would be to ask these girls such a major question. I mean, these are my girls! Why wouldn’t they say yes? But as much of an honor as it is to be a bridesmaid we all know it can be taxing on the schedule & the financials. So with that being said I am incredibly honored to get to spend the next year planning & doing all the bride things with them by my side. XO LOVE YOU BABES.

I wanted to ask my girls in a cute way because “obvi pinterest goals!” But I wanted to give them something they might actually use. I was on a time crunch because two of my girls currently are living on the other side of the world, one back packing & the other residing in Peru serving in the peace corp. One was visiting for only a few weeks before leaving again till Christmas and my MIL was sending my SIL her next care package & I was determined to get her proposal shipped with it. I decided to run up to Michaels Craft for some inspo and came across these super adorable, heavy duty planners. It’s funny because initially (being the queen of agendas) I was actually looking for myself but while browsing it hit me that it could actually be a really fun way to ask the girls if they would “pencil me” & be huge part of my special day.

These planners ran at 30 dollars a book however Michaels is always running deals & coupons. If you are a budget friendly bride like myself I recommend stopping by the store daily to buy one or two so you can really get a bang for your buck with their daily coupons. The planner I picked is linked above and is currently on sale for 15 dollars. So hurry JUMP if you love what you see. They are SO well made with tons of great features & I actually ended up purchasing one of the larger sized ones for wedding planning.



In the past when being asked to be bridesmaid or PA I found myself having so many questions right away for the bride! Right after letting her know I was saying yes I always jumped to the fun details like how should I have my hair? What color are we wearing? What do I need to do with my nails? Who else is in the wedding? I know I am a year out & being that I am a SUPER indecisive person there may need to be few changes but I wanted to give my girls sort of an idea of the plan. I created a rough vision board & included details of the venue. I also provided swatches of the colors I was thinking & cards with detailed information of my vision for their hair, makeup & accessories. The girls loved this touch.

I will be taking a slight break from the blog for the next 12 or so months. Although I plan to try & keep you posted on wedding details and DIY’s I want to truly bask in this year and use it to plan & be present with my family. I love all of my readers & have sincerely appreciated your support of this sweet but little platform of mine. I’m so excited excited to share the next chapter of my life with you all. I have a feeling that the best is truly yet to come. EEK. Thanks for always being there for me!

XO Casskiss